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ExCeL London Partners with OnePlan for UK’s First Conference Centre VenueTwin

ExCeL London weather change in Venue Twin

Virtual walkthroughs are now a reality at ExCeL London thanks to OnePlan. London’s leading event venue has created an interactive 3D VenueTwin to aid its event organisers in making decisions about the location and flow of their events at ExCeL. 

Our pioneering GIS mapping and digital twin software creates a replica of the venue – which can be customised to ExCeL’s clients’ needs – allowing them to better visualise, plan and share their event. It becomes a powerful sales tool to attract the world’s best event, exhibition and conference organizers to ExCeL London. 

See inside the ExCeL London VenueTwin:  

OnePlan provides several benefits for ExCeL to support its customers’ decision-making. This includes reducing the need for in-person site visits, as well as allowing organizers to easily share bespoke visuals of their event with stakeholders and potential partners – wherever they are in the world.  

The ExCeL VenueTwin also has multiple additional applications such as road-testing arrival and departure points, showcasing media opportunities and mocking up of room layouts – all from a visitor perspective. 

Digital Twin Technology for Venue Renovations

This technology is set to be of particular interest for ExCeL London’s clients looking to visualise what their event could look like in ExCeL’s forthcoming 25,000 sqm expansion project. The venue expansion, currently in its final construction phases, is due to open in October 2024.

ExCeL’s customers can now have virtual site visits to see the various new conference and meeting spaces in the revamped venue before it’s been physically completed.

VenueTwins can be built from a venue’s existing architectural and floor plan files, meaning they’re centimeter-accurate and available for any venue team and their partners to use.

James Rees, ExCeL’s Executive Director, is enthusiastic about this new project. “OnePlan allows event organizers to have a digital twin of their event space. It helps them not just in planning better, but also optimizing factors like entrance and exit flows, and placements for signage and sponsorship activations,” he says.

James continues: “As we strive for more sustainability, this new partnership helps reduce carbon footprints by minimizing the need for travel. Moreover, it fits in perfectly with ExCeL’s ambition to be Net Zero by 2030 and its new ESG strategy.”

Redefining Event and Venue Planning

OnePlan’s technology has supported over 25,000 live events at iconic venues in 107 countries. Our venue customers include Intuit Dome, home of the LA Clippers, Silverstone circuit and more. 

Our interoperable 2D and 3D platform makes it easy for anyone in venue departments to customise the virtual venue. This includes an unlimited number of video exports to send to customers, and easily uploading partner branding to see how it will look in real life at the venue.

Venue Twin sign and branding change

Paul Foster, CEO and founder of OnePlan, believes that OnePlan’s 2D and 3D platform is an excellent fit for large-scale convention and exhibition centers like ExCeL London: “We’re delighted to see ExCeL London, one of the UK’s largest venues hosting 400 shows per year, benefit from our digital twin solution.

“Our 2D and 3D platform is well suited to large scale convention and exhibition centres and their event organisers, with different room layouts and rapid planning needed.” 

Paul adds: “OnePlan enables virtual site visits any time, and we’re excited to see how ExCeL London will help their customers plan more efficiently and sustainably, especially given their venue expansion and international client base.”

Our innovative partnership with ExCeL London is another step in revolutionizing how major venues can plan and sell their spaces, and is a further development in our mission to make event and venue planning more efficient and sustainable. 

To learn more about OnePlan, book a demo here with one of our event experts.

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