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How to use OnePlan’s Transport and Traffic Management Calculators


Event planning requires highly organized logistics, communication, and planning precision to successfully execute an event. Add transportation to an event to accommodate varying guest arrivals, traffic conditions, and venue accessibility while ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for all attendees. Thankfully with OnePlan’s transport and traffic management calculators, event planners can easily map and customize parking zones, load zones, shuttle service routes, and more efficiently.    

Here are 6 transport and traffic management calculators to help plan a seamless event!

Existing Parking Allocation

Existing Parking Allocation

Already know how many cars can fit in your existing parking lot site map? Use the existing parking tool to allocate spaces to specific client groups. Simply draw out the perimeter of your existing parking lot, add how many accessible parking spots are desired, and customize how many people commute per vehicle. This tool enables you to efficiently count and allocate parking spaces to specific client groups, taking into account the crucial aspect of accessible parking requirements.

By using this feature, you can ensure that your event caters to the diverse needs of your attendees while complying with accessibility regulations.

This tool is valuable for an event that may require VIP attendees to park their vehicle. Reduce or increase the amount of spaces in the lot to accommodate these guests.

Load Zone Vehicle Calculator

The load zone vehicle calculator allows event planners to determine how many vehicles can safely fit in your load zone. Measure the perimeter of your load zone and choose from a variety of vehicle options such as; coach, bus, van, car and more to discover how many vehicles can load at a given time. 

The calculator automatically allows 20% extra space for vehicles to maneuver safely while taking into account curb space needed for the vehicle selected. This tool is helpful when planning events that require vehicles to load and unload passengers and goods. It can also help event planners to prevent or reduce double parking on highly trafficked streets and boost safety and reliability for drivers and passengers.

Load Zone Vehicle Calculator - Stacked

Load Zone Vehicle Calculator - Stacked

Use this tool to safely maximize how many vehicles you can fit in a small load zone. Start by mapping your load zone and choose the preferred loading vehicle. The calculator will include a 5% increase in extra space for vehicle movement and safety. The stacked load zone vehicle calculator allows for cars to only load and depart from the front of the zone. For example, events that include taxis or other carshare services would structure the zone so that the first vehicle in the load zone will depart first allowing the consecutive vehicles to follow pursuit.

Load Zone Waiting Area Calculator

Load Zone Waiting Area Calculator

Already have a designated waiting area for event attendees to await transportation but don’t know how many people fit? The load zone waiting area can determine how many people can safely fit in a given space. Draw the perimeter of your waiting area and choose the space desired between each person. Space per person can be adjusted depending on event restrictions, possible waiting times, and cultural norms. We recommend at least 1m2 pp. 

This tool is ideal for events that would like to indicate guest waiting areas. Whether awaiting a bus, taxi, or shuttle service, never second guess how many people can fit in a given space!

Shuttle (Loop) Service Planning Calculator

Shuttle Loop Service Calculator

​​The shuttle loop service calculator is designed to help you plan and schedule shuttle services for high-demand routes. With this tool, you can calculate the number of vehicles needed to maintain a consistent and reliable transport service based on the average speed of a vehicle, frequency of service, vehicle capacity, and vehicle loop. 

The calculator ensures that the route returns to its point of origin, providing a smooth and efficient transportation experience for event-goers.

The calculator will inform event planners how many people can be transported per hour based on the inputted metrics. This feature automatically moves the screen to different areas of the map while the user is drawing a line and moving closer to the edge of the screen, making it easier to create your shuttle loop.

Staging Area Vehicle Calculator

Staging Area Vehicle Calculator

Staging areas are ideal for events that may have park and ride services and are oftentimes  in close proximity to load zones. They are critical to ensure backfill into the load zones as vehicles depart. Choose between various vehicles that will be serviced during your event and the calculator will display how many vehicles can fit in the designated area while accommodating 20% extra space for vehicles to safely enter and exit.

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