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Seven of the Most Unique Day of the Dead Events Around the World

Day of the Dead Skulls with Offerings

Dìa de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a vibrant and meaningful Mexican holiday celebrated annually on November 1st and 2nd. Contrary to what its name might suggest, this holiday is not a solemn occasion but a joyful and colorful celebration of life and the remembrance of loved ones who have passed away. 

Today, Dìa de los Muertos is celebrated around the world through community gatherings, parades, religious events, and much more. 

Let’s take a look at how Dìa de los Muertos events are celebrated around the world!


Dìa de los Muertos is celebrated across every village and major city across the country. Families and their communities come together and bring offerings to honor their ancestors who have passed. Bright decorations, painted skulls, food, and candles are lined across altars to welcome their ancestors back to the living world. Parades and street events with performers and dressed participants can also be joined across the country.

Day of the Dead Street Party Celebration


Unlike most other Day of the Dead celebrations, Nicaragua’s traditions are a bit more somber. The celebratory event only occurs on November 2nd instead of the “more traditional” two progression. However, the theme of decorating your family’s tombs and altars remains the same as cemeteries open and welcome candles, flowers, and small offerings to honor their loved ones. This day is seen more of a “maintenance” day to repaint or clean tombs rather than offering food and drink and hosting elaborate ceremonies.


Day of the Dead Kite Festival

The annual Kite Festival takes place in Santiago Sacatepéquez and Sumpango, Guatemala where the town citizens create elaborate colorful kites to celebrate family and friends who have passed. The kites include prayer notes and blessings on the tail of the kite so that their past ancestors can read the notes as it soars through the sky.


In Ireland, the Catholic church prays and celebrates the souls who are in purgatory in hopes of purifying them before reaching heaven. It is believed that on All Souls Night that the spirits of loved ones would re enter their homes awaiting a warm welcome from the living. In some neighborhoods children can be seen knocking on their neighbors doors and asking for cake, known as “soul-caking”, in exchange for prayers and well wishes to be said over the dead.


There is no shortage of celebrating our past loved ones around the world and that includes Spain! Today All Saints’ Day (Día de Todos los Santos) and All Souls’ Day (Día de los Difuntos) combine religious and cultural traditions to honor those who passed. All Saints’ Day is November 1st where families head to the cemetery to clean and decorate their family’s graves. November 2nd, All Souls’s Day, is celebrated by lighting candles at the cemetery to guide their ancestors’ souls to heaven.

Day of the Dead/All Saint's Day Cemetery Decorations

United States

Day of the Dead Offerings Table

Los Angeles is home to many Mexicans and Latin Americans who bring their traditions to share with the community. Cemeteries are opened where offerings, food, drinks, flowers and more are decorated across tombs. Mariachi bands, folkloric dances, and other performances are traditionally enjoyed all day and night. In major cities across the country it is common to see parades and other community events such as street parties to celebrate.


Across the globe, Eastern Indians celebrate their own set of traditions and rituals that pay homage to their ancestors observed as Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya Paksha. Pitru Paksha, which is observed according to the Hindu lunar calendar, typically falls in the month of Bhadrapada (usually in September or October). During this time, Hindus perform various rituals and ceremonies to honor their deceased ancestors. Families often offer food, water, and prayers to the departed souls, seeking their blessings and peace.

No matter how or where you celebrate Dìa de los Muertos it is a beautiful celebration that honors those who have come before us. It is a lasting reminder to enjoy those around you past and present. 

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