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Planning a Taylor Swift concert in OnePlan and VenueTwin


Planning the Taylor Swift Eras Tour as an event planner is undoubtedly a massive undertaking. Not to mention the 140+ tour dates and the 50 semi-trucks that it takes for the artist to bring her fans through her incredible 10-era journey. 

With such a large fanbase, averaging 54,000 fans each night, we saw event planners transforming stadiums and arenas into concert venues. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Over the past few years we’ve seen Coldplay, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran and many others sell out these mega venues. These mega-events require increased communication between suppliers and vendors, large-scale infrastructure, crowd and safety management, expanded food and beverage kiosks and much more to run a successful event. Fortunately, OnePlan helps streamline the planning process in an all-in-one comprehensive event planning software.

Here are 7 ways OnePlan and VenueTwin can streamline planning a concert at a major stadium.

1. Venue and site planning

Organizing the elements that make up a large-scale concert can be stressful and time consuming. With OnePlan you can easily create accurate 2D and 3D layouts of the venue, including stages, seating areas, entrances, exits, ancillary service areas, and infrastructure. Optimize the use of space by ensuring efficient flow and identifying potential bottlenecks.

2. Infrastructure

Plan for transportation, parking facilities, and traffic management to accommodate the large number of concert attendees. The demographic of concert attendees are much different than a stadium’s season ticket holders, therefore temporary infrastructure needs to be more obvious and more frequent around the venue. It is essential to place clear signage throughout the venue to direct attendees to entry and exit points, parking areas, ticketing counters, restrooms, concessions, and other facilities. Directional signage helps attendees navigate the venue easily and reduces confusion.

3. Crowd management

Communicating clear directions and safely managing thousands of Taylor Swift fans during a concert can seem daunting in a large stadium. With OnePlan, you’re able to test out different event layouts and space configurations, ensuring you have adequate space and the best layout possible for fluid and functional crowd management. Consider factors such as entry points, exits, concession areas, and stage locations, assess and optimize crowd flow to minimize congestion, and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for attendees. 

4. Health and safety planning

Ensuring the safety of attendees is paramount, especially for large-scale events. Our safety evacuation calculator helps planners model their crowd size and how much time it will safely take to evacuate in case of emergency. Identify emergency exits, medical aid stations, and designated areas for security and first-aid personnel.

5. SeatView

As a concert attendee, knowing which seat is going to provide the best view of the performer can be difficult to gauge. SeatView gives fans the ultimate perspective when buying their tickets, ensuring they have the best view to watch Taylor Swift! Using the SeatView feature in VenueTwin allows concert planners to optimize how many seats in the stadium can be sold based on the layout of the stage and other added features. They can navigate and switch positions as they want, and even fly from outside the stadium directly to their seat.

6. Connected and interoperable

We know using CAD to map your event site can be tricky for venue planners or event organizers because it requires a high level of technical expertise and is often expensive. With OnePlan you can import your 2D venue CAD files easily and build your event. OnePlan 2D and VenueTwin 3D are fully connected and interoperable as they share a database. Transition seamlessly to VenueTwin to visualize all aspects of your event in a realistic 3D world. Move an object in 2D and it will move in 3D and vice versa. Fully Integrated planning in 2D and 3D environments.

7. Promote the concert

Just like dropping a hit single, even Taylor Swift needs to advertise to ensure fans don’t miss a beat when it’s concert time. Use OnePlan’s marketing features to create promotional materials, manage ticket sales, and track revenue. Create virtual ‘fly throughs’ to showcase your venue and sell hospitality and indoor event spaces. 

Get ready to ‘Shake It Off’ with OnePlan! Learn more about planning a concert at a major stadium and book a demo today!

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