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Supporting Upcoming Event Professionals

OnePlan higher education learn event planning

The next generation of event planners are now using OnePlan to learn hands-on skills required for a career in live events. Students at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Sheffield Hallam University and other higher education institutions now use OnePlan as part of their Event Management degrees and courses. 

We spoke to Shaun Litler, Education Lead at Manchester Metropolitan University, about the benefits for higher and further education students of using OnePlan to learn how to plan events, and how it helps them enter the Events industry. 

Hands-on Experience for Students Learning Event Management

MMU includes OnePlan on the curriculum for students on business and events management courses. Their Events Management programme team has created a fictitious event – ‘Festival 101’ – within their version of OnePlan for the students to learn from. 

‘Festival 101’ enables students to showcase sustainable and responsible event management, and is used by staff teaching on a variety of units, across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The students learn directly about site design, crowd safety, event operations and production, infrastructure, as well as financial procurement – incorporating OnePlan’s unique functionality that enables event organisers to procure any item directly from suppliers. 

Students will have the skills and knowledge required to contribute to the development of their future workplace.

It’s this hands-on experience of using the same software used by high-profile organisations such as Arsenal and Chelsea football clubs, Glastonbury Festival, as well as local events such as The Cheese and Chilli Festival that benefits the students. 

Shaun says: “Using OnePlan, students will have the skills and knowledge required to contribute to the development of their future workplace.”

Training the Next Generation of Event Planners

In their second year, undergraduate students may select an optional Sport and Events unit. The focus of this work is to evaluate The Icons Marathons case study.  An essential element of this evaluation is reviewing the route of the marathon. Further, students need to identify the locations of potential activities that will enhance the event, without detrimentally affecting the local community.  

Using OnePlan, students accurately plan every aspect of the marathon. Routes, crowd management, barriers and more – plus they define locations for fan parks and spectator zones. The seamless integration of 2D and 3D Canvas maps means the next generation of event professionals can use the best event management software, applicable to their future potential roles as event organisers and event planners.  

By working with OnePlan, students can demonstrate to employers that they are industry-ready.

Collaborative Learning

The students collaborate in real-time on their site plans in OnePlan. Preparing students for work in a team, the event management software prepares the future professionals to quickly adapt to team, planning and supplier listing changes.

The interactive tools within OnePlan make it possible for students to share their plans with lecturers, and unique user accounts provide lecturers with an overview of student progress.

Paving the future for event planners

The partnership with OnePlan has facilitated a review of units, lectures and assessments to support the programme goal: equipping future event professionals with the knowledge and attributes to excel within the events industry. 

Shaun says: The Events Management programmes are continually seeking opportunities to enhance employability. By working with OnePlan, it will be possible to enable students to demonstrate to employers that they are industry-ready.”

This digital solution to event design and planning has been welcomed by the students, who can now train on the same tool used by the world’s best event planners. A collaborative approach between industry and higher education promises to enrich student experience and increase employability. 

To include OnePlan in your higher education course, please send us a message here.

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