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How to organize a Pumpkin Patch in OnePlan


Pumpkins, pies, and parties, Oh My! The fall season is upon us and that means pumpkin patches and family farms are in full swing. 

Pumpkin carving gained its popularity in Ireland and made its way around the world where we now enjoy the tradition with friends and family during the fall season. As fall event organizers know, pumpkin patches aren’t just about selecting the perfect pumpkin. They’re bustling hubs of activity, from navigating corn mazes and hayrides to petting zoos, painting gourds, and bobbing for apples.

Behind the scenes of this seasonal staple lies a web of organization, safety, vendor management, site management, and promotion. With OnePlan, organizers can seamlessly plan their event, making their season’s events successful.

6 tips for planning your pumpkin patch in OnePlan

Map your venue

Mapping your pumpkin patch can be challenging, but with OnePlan, organizers can plan every activity, map vendor locations, measure parking and much more. Choose from high definition satellite, aerial maps, and import floor plans for easy and scalable planning. Optimize your event layout ensuring the best use of available space, minimize traffic, and create an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Decide on activities

After choosing your venue it’s time to decide what activities you would like featured at your event. It’s essential to choose activities that will fit your space and can accommodate visitors of all ages. Pumpkin patches are part of the larger community so it is important to offer activities that bring people together like pumpkin carving, and apple picking contests. 

With OnePlan, curating the perfect mix of activities in an event space has never been easier. Choose from hundreds of fall-related activities and objects such as petting zoos, corn mazes, hay bales, tractors, and more!

Choose vendors

Juggling vendors at your event for activities, concessions, craft and artisan, photobooths, and entertainment can seem like a daunting task. Thankfully with OnePlan, managing your events vendors is a one-stop-solution! Manage all your vendors in OnePlan and assign items on your map to its respected vendor. Access and export vendor details and information via a vendor map and share it with team members, suppliers, stakeholders, and local authorities.

Pumpkin Patch Vendor Management

Safety logistics

Oftentimes pumpkin patch events are an ongoing event throughout the season, seeing thousands of attendees in a short period. With OnePlan’s security planning features event planners can safely design an event that is equipped for large ongoing crowds. Our security features are designed in collaboration with former police specialists and security experts specifically for event planners. Whether it’s in a corn maze, artisan booth or ticket entrance, implement effective security measures, including police, CCTV coverage, and key-point icons to identify areas that require special attention. With the security pack, planners can add over 50 objects including: police force, security checkpoints, bag checks, evacuation paths, and more.

Managing ongoing workforces

Dot Planning

Coordinating event workforce for ongoing large event sites can be challenging. With OnePlan organizers can be confident that they have sufficient staff and volunteers while using our dot planning tool that illustrates where more or less staff are needed.


Communicate with staff and other essential workforce members where their post is assigned by using what3words. It’s never been easier to describe where staff should be located as what3words assigns a precise location to a point on your event map. Managing your event workforce just got a lot easier with OnePlan!

Promote your event

After your event is all planned and ready to go the last step is to get the word out! Share your event with your local community with OnePlan’s presentation pdf export  feature. Create and export your presentation by taking ‘screenshots’ of each view you want showcased while naming each slide. When you are happy with your presentation, export it and receive it via email.

Exporting your plans as PDFs also helps you keep a record of your work. You can easily print a hard copy of your OnePlan or store it on your computer for easy access whenever you need it! Generate shareable view-only links to your event plan, so that anyone can now open it in view-only mode! No need to worry about viewers changing your event plan. Share your plans with your team, stakeholders, suppliers and more. Find the new sharing option in the top right hand corner of the top menu bar!

There’s lots of moving parts that go into planning your event and OnePlan is here for you every step of the way! Planning a pumpkin patch event just got a lot easier than with OnePlan. Whether you are an experienced, seasonal or amateur planner, OnePlan can help you transform your next event. 

Check out OnePlan for free to discover more features and plan your next event today!

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