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The Benefits of Using a Digital Event Planning and Mapping Tool

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Planning events is challenging. It requires the planner to think big and take all event wants and needs into consideration, while also ensuring the event runs smoothly and stays within budget.

Event Planning Needs Tools

Every event planner has their own system of organization to keep track of tasks, but digital event planning and mapping tools are often overlooked. These tools provide a streamlined system for planning an event, and allow the planner to map out every element of the event down to the inch. Digital event planning and mapping tools can bring an event to the next level, leaving nothing up to chance. 

How OnePlan Can Help

OnePlan is a powerful digital tool that allows you to plan and map an event with ease. Oneplan makes planning convenient and accessible, allowing you to place every element of your event on a map to scale, including routes, signs, infrastructure, and workforce. 

Collaboration is key to the success of any event. In OnePlan, share your map in ‘edit’ or ‘view only’ mode to loop every stakeholder into the process. Share with clients to help them visualize your ideas and with your event planning team to collaborate on ideas and finalize the site map. Share with event staff to align on where elements should be set up across the event site and set expectations for where everyone should be located come event day. 

OnePlan has everything you need to plan and execute your event in one place. Here are just a few of the things that OnePlan makes possible:

  1. Plan for proper crowd control by trying out different space configurations.
  2. Create a traffic management plan by mapping out parking areas, staff, signage, and routes.
  3. Map out first aid, bathrooms, waste management, and more to ensure a safe and comfortable event experience.
  4. Generate a bill of quantities to identify how many of each element you need, ensuring your vendors have the necessary information and helping you stay within budget.
  5. Collaborate with all stakeholders by easily sharing your site map.
  6. Use OnePlan’s dot planning functionality to create a comprehensive plan to handle staff. Each ‘dot’ can be allocated a code and notes added to their profile for their role, equipment, shift times and more. The report can be exported to create sign-in sheets and health and safety documents
  7. Pinpoint the exact location of elements with OnePlan’s What3Words integration – a tool that carves out the world into 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique three-word identifier. This cuts down on items installed or placed in wrong locations and any time wasted on correcting or directing suppliers.

All of these tasks are time consuming and require superb organization and extensive planning. OnePlan can save you time and stress by streamlining tasks and allowing you to track everything in one platform.

Events Planned in OnePlan


But don’t take our word for it! OnePlan has helped hundreds of event planners execute incredible events with less stress and more ease. 

  • Read about how Silverstone used OnePlan to design the F1 British Grand Prix, mapping out 114 crowd areas, more than 5.3 million square meters of parking, and 180 vendors. 
  • Find out how OnePlan helped a small team plan SoulFest, New England’s largest Christian music festival, a three-day event with 75 artists, tons of vendors, and major crowds.

Discover how FestFoods plans 11 simultaneous running events with OnePlan’s sophisticated mapping and collaboration tools.

The list goes on (discover all OnePlan case studies here). Digital event planning and mapping tools like OnePlan can help any event planner elevate their events, all while saving time and stress. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your first event in OnePlan today.

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