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Introducing VenueTwin, powered by OnePlan

stade de france VT

We’re excited today to launch VenueTwin – the new standard for planning events at major venues. VenueTwin provides a fully interactive 3D digital version of stadiums, arenas and any venue, unlocking huge operational and commercial benefits. 

Our new VenueTwin website shows how stadiums and arenas can benefit from having a 3D digital twin, as some of our customers are already discovering. It includes SeatView  for the ultimate fan experience when buying tickets, and SuiteView for the most advanced way to plan client hospitality. And it’s easy to change signs and branding in your 3D digital twin, to show advertisers and sponsors how their designs will actually look. 

VenueTwin is part of the OnePlan platform, meaning it seamlessly integrates with any of your existing 2D, satellite and CAD plans.  It puts all your operational planning under one roof and gives you the ability to be interactive anywhere inside your venue

You can collaborate in real-time with your partners, and run the highest quality customer and partner walk-throughs.  

Learn more about VenueTwin at our new website, and book a demo with our team to see how a fully interactive 3D digital twin can unlock more value in your venue.

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