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SuiteView Tool in VenueTwin for Luxury Suite Sales

SuiteView in Venue Twin Interface

VenueTwin has released its latest feature, SuiteView, which now gives venue’s commercial teams a hyper-realistic way to design and plan corporate hospitality suites.

Luxury suite sales needed an upgrade

The revenue generated from luxury suite sales is an important part of a professional sports team’s income. Suites have played a crucial role when new stadiums are being constructed because the potential for revenue is great, and increased construction costs require payments supported by these suite sales.

However previously, selling luxury suites has been a complicated process filled with obstacles like unrealistic 2D renderings, expensive site visits, and it’s left little room for customization for the buyer.

The difference using the VenueTwin platform

VenueTwin is quickly changing that. Just like VenueTwin allows event planners to move objects, signage, and searing around an arena or stadium, SuiteView allows for complete control of every object in a luxury suite, with the ability to show customers walk-throughs from any angle. Change seating, video monitors, signage, food and drink bars, and more – any changes are made instantly and can be shared in the moment without the need to send out anything to be rendered.  

VenueTwin has even recently enabled a pathway functionality so potential suite owners can see what the walk is like from their car to their suite.

“We wanted the experience for the team who will use this most — the people who are
designing, selling and planning suites for corporate hospitality — to be so seamless and cool it’s actually fun,” said Paul Foster, CEO of OnePlan. “To be able to create anything the client can imagine, and make fast decisions on how it affects the rest of the space and the sightlines of the action, is a powerful sales tool.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Suite View or want to create your own VenueTwin, contact us today.

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