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Preparing your Stadium for the Return of Fans


It can be a complex challenge working out how to sell the optimal volume of tickets for your events while keeping fans safe. We’re partnering with some of the world’s biggest sports teams including NBA team Brooklyn Nets and English Premier League teams Arsenal, Chelsea and Wolves on their seating plan assessment to welcome back fans. Here’s an insight into how we’re helping these clubs ensure fan safety and maximise revenue, as fans return to stadiums and arenas. 

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Analysing ticket buying patterns and more

As Covid restrictions ease in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and beyond, venue owners and operations teams must define how to create the best seating plan while following social distancing guidelines. One option is a percentage approach based on a venue’s overall occupancy, however this is essentially guesswork that fails to account for a range of crucial factors.

With OnePlan your venue’s safest adjusted seating capacity will be calculated using seat size and arrangement, the configuration of each seating section, gangway access, ticket buying patterns, and the latest social distancing guidelines. Ignoring these factors increases the risk of potential Covid-19 transmission.

  • Seat size and dimensions
  • Seating section configuration
  • Gangway access and brush-past
  • Ticket buying patterns

Optimised for safety and revenue

Our seating bowl assessment is geared towards the optimal solution for fan safety and ticketing revenue. With over 100,000,000,000,000 possible seating combinations in a typical stadium (yes, 100 trillion!), our accurate model enables ticketing teams to calculate precise seating plans and can be run to maximise occupancy or to maximise revenue. 

Once all the variables are inputted to the OnePlan Seating Assessment model,  it provides a seating solution that takes into account all elements of the fan experience. This includes arrival and departures, spectator flows for half-time refreshments, as well as whether fans can sit at the end of rows and how this impacts moving to and from their seats during play.

A model that updates with ticket sales data

After you’ve confirmed the optimal seating arrangement, the model can be continually adjusted to take account of actual ticket sales and any changes to a country’s social distancing requirements. 

This short film outlines our approach to stadium and arena seating plan assessments: 

Created through experience

Our approach has been developed based on our team’s extensive experience in designing safe and successful fan experiences, including ‘last-mile’ and venue operations for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games and other major events. 

To learn more about how we can partner with you to welcome back fans, please contact us at [email protected]

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