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How Santa’s planning for Christmas at the North Pole

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As 2021 comes to a close, we’re grateful for our OnePlan users who’ve planned over 5,000 events in OnePlan spanning 104 countries… and there’s one event plan that’s really impressing us right now – Santa and the elves at the North Pole!

Christmas needs methodical planning and fortunately Santa and his elves have found a great way to plan this year. Using OnePlan, Santa’s workshop and Christmas events can be planned easily – every detail is covered to ensure Santa and the reindeer set off to successfully deliver the world’s presents.

Oh what fun it is to plan!

December is a very busy time of year for Santa and his elves, so it’s crucial that everything is in order in the center of the village, where Santa and the elves have gathered in preparation. From the presents under the tree to be loaded into Santa’s sack, to lighting up his runway so his reindeer know where to go. The warm glow of the Christmas lights help pave the way for Santa and his elves whilst they are hard at work.

Santa and the elves don’t have time for the old way of planning events – they’re too busy making toys, wrapping presents, drinking hot cocoa and eating candy canes. With OnePlan’s Christmas tools they can plan easily well ahead of the big day, and know everything is in place before the reindeers set off.

“Ho ho ho, this is just what we’ve needed! One platform for all of our planning – but the elves and I are quite busy, will we have time to learn a new platform?” mused Santa.

That’s the beauty of it! OnePlan is easy to use and collaborative, and if you ever need support, our OnePlan team is here to help. There are also new tutorial videos that explain OnePlan step-by-step.

Making his plan and checking it twice

Santa and his elves got busy straight away creating their event plan. First, designing the North Pole. They were happy that OnePlan had all the Christmas objects they needed like reindeer, Santa, Christmas trees, and even a roasted chestnut cart for when they got hungry! 

Then, the most important part – the presents. Inside their event plan is a huge Christmas tree the elves put up with all the world’s toys underneath, ready to be delivered. The presents are guarded by the elf workforce, with each elf positioned to show their exact location.

Right in the middle of the town square, Santa is set up with all 9 reindeer around him in formation on the runway, ready for their departure. This accurate planning enables a smooth, well-run Christmas with a cohesive event plan in OnePlan! Santa’s even able to share his plans with Mrs. Claus by either taking an image with the screenshot feature or clicking ‘Share’ to give her direct access to the event plan.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Santa’s also used the Image Pin feature, found in the Tools > Visualisation menu, and has added an image to his event plan with a little message from our OnePlan team.

From all of us here at OnePlan, we wish you a happy holiday season and Merry Christmas! We’re excited for the year ahead to see the incredible events you create, and are here to further develop our software to best serve your event planning needs.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable end to the year! 

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