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Racing Ahead with Road Events: Insights from our June 2021 Data

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As restrictions from the pandemic in many countries continue to ease, our latest user data shows a significant increase in sports and road events being planned. In June 2021, we saw a sharp rise in bike and running events being organised on OnePlan, along with a month-on-month growth in the overall number of objects placed on event plans. 

Outdoor sports events built from the ground up

Road events require planning with multiple stakeholders to ensure a safe experience for athletes and spectators. Our June data shows over 24,000m of bike events globally being planned on OnePlan – this is almost 2x as much as we saw in May. 

Running events also increased month-on-month, with a 140% rise in June compared to May. These events, including marathons, triathlons, 10k, 5k events and more took advantage of OnePlan’s accurate route planning. This shows estimated run and walk times, enabling event organisers to precisely plot all elements of a race including managing crowd flow at the start and finish lines.  

Cycling and running are two of the disciplines in triathlons, and we’re now pleased to share that there’s a dedicated OnePlan for Triathlons platform available for anyone organising such an event. The features are specific to triathlons and include toolbars for swim, bike and run. 

More staff for more spectators

With fans and attendees returning to outdoor events, planners are ensuring enough staff, security and volunteers are in place for safe events. In June 2021, we saw a 321% rise in staff and ‘dot planning’ tools used on OnePlan around the world. 

This huge rise reflects the comeback of outdoor and road events in many countries, and the continuing importance placed on crowd safety. The growth in staff and people planning on OnePlan extends beyond June. In Q2 2021 over 2,000 more people were placed on event plans in comparison to the first 3 months of the year.

One road event recently designed on OnePlan is the Sydney Harbour 10k race. Learn how OnePlan has been used for to plan this event in one of the world’s most iconic locations

More barriers and fencing planned for safe festivals and outdoor events

Our June data also shows a 126% monthly increase in the use of all tools on OnePlan. This further showcases the events industry’s on-going adaptation and preparation for  a new wave of outdoor events, including many mass participation events. 

Here’s a summary graphic of our June user insights. You can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for this and our other news. 

OnePlan June 2021 data graphic

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