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OnePlan 3D+: The Sports and Stadium Planning Revolution

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International Federations are responsible for the integrity of their sport. From entry level to the olympics, IFs have the duty to manage and to monitor the everyday running of the world’s various sports disciplines. Each federation governs its particular sport, and ensures its promotion, development and welfare.

Given the scale of the work for such federations, a streamlined and centralised planning process is invaluable. Having to manage hundreds of national federations, and thousands of smaller teams without such a system is a mammoth task which. Until recently,this involved plan hopping, multiple site visits and valuable time and money.

The New Way to Manage

OnePlan’s latest 3D+ innovation ensures International Federations can manage their sport in one, centralised system. Our system provides better insights and understanding of all events for that sport globally, or nationally, and meets the needs for smarter event intelligence; to plan more efficiently and procure smarter. 

Launching in December 2020, OnePlan’s 3D+ tools changed the game for event site planning at an international level. The first of its kind, it enables users to create centimetre accurate environments of their stadiums and sports arenas, and move through it as a virtual reality. Planners can move seamlessly between 2D, 3D and 3D+ environments, and manage their site from anywhere in the world.

Not only improving accuracy in planning, this innovative product reduces the need for site visits. This significantly cuts costs and saves valuable time of management and stakeholders. Site visits without visiting the site; a major step forward for event planning and management at the international level.

Current Clients Include

  • FIBA
  • World Triathlon
  • Premier League Football Clubs
  • NBA Teams and Stadiums
  • MLB Teams

Endless Benefits for Clients

The Operational benefits of OnePlan’s 3D+ tools are abundant.

The Analytics dashboard feature provides federations and overview of all events in their sport. Displaying infrastructure and equipment costs, space allocation and crowd sizes, federations can access every detail of every event in one place. This can be fed to national federations, ensuring every level is working off one central and streamlined plan.

Outdoor Events

For Outdoor venues and sporting events, planners and stakeholders can access the stadium journey before attending the event. With City+, a 3D walk through of the city and area close to the stadium is also available, beneficial not only to clients and attendees, but for the planning and management of security and traffic measures.

Whilst all event planners long for dry and sunny event days, the weather is not always on our side. OnePlan meets these challenges by enabling users to map and plan in any weather or lighting condition. Rain to shine, users can see how different weather will affect their event plan. With the ability to check signage against lighting levels, sponsors can carefully plan their signage design and placement. This feature is excellent for heavy rain or even flooding, allowing stadiums to prepare emergency or evacuation procedures whatever the weather.

3D Digitial twin

Indoor Event Planning

OnePlan 3D+ excels in indoor environments too. With centimetre precise realities, federations can walk through their entire stadium as spectators would on event day. Every stadium level is accessible. Staffing operations can be carefully controlled and planned for every staircase, floor and entrance. 

This is essential for the procurement of external food or merchandise vendors, providing clear navigation to their stand, an assessment of crowd queuing and holding areas occupancy, and their relation to the main event

Commercial Opportunities

OnePlan’s technology provides significant commercial benefits. With the ability to create detailed seating blocks, federations can offer fans Seat View. Providing accurate and to scale views from their seating block, this will significantly aid sports fans in the process of buying one off or season tickets. This feature can be extended to cater for stakeholders and sponsors. Offering a suite view, venues can provide clients with a 360, 3D view of their suite or box, including views to the stage or court.

With the latest world-first innovative 3D technology, OnePlan is paving the way for a better, more streamlined way to plan. Benefiting international federations on operational and commercial levels, this promises to be invaluable for the world of sporting event planning.

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