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OnePlan now used for over 2,000 events worldwide

Event creator using OnePlan

We’re pleased to share that OnePlan has now been trusted by over 2,000 events worldwide, with a continued increase as live events start again in many countries following the pandemic. The 2,000+ events have taken place in over 50 countries. 

This milestone is part of our latest monthly data that we share here on our OnePlan blog. May 2021 proved to be another busy month for event organisers, with a continued high volume in social distancing areas being plotted for live events and festivals on OnePlan. 

Planning safe events with confidence

In total, May saw 32,846 metres of event spaces designed using our Social Distancing Toolkit. These tools enable event organisers to plan safe events with confidence, managing crowd volume and crowd flow throughout the site, along with arrival and exit calculators. While outdoor events and festivals in many countries are able to return to some level of normality, we’re seeing event organisers continue to plan responsibly with attendee safety top of mind. 

“Our latest user data shows a continued need for accurate and easy-to-use social distancing tools within an event plan.”

The month’s insights also show how events are being designed on both land and water. May saw a year-high 287,812 metres of Routes and Wayfinding being placed on event plans, as well as a significant increase in areas for Swimming. As the northern hemisphere approaches summer, the 115% monthly growth in Swim areas on event plans reflects the increased number of water-based sports events due to take place. A good example of this is the Man vs Coast event that we featured in a recent blog post

Accurate planning for live events and festivals

Our Founder and CEO, Paul Foster, expressed the team’s gratitude for our customers who design and manage their events and venues on OnePlan:

“We’re proud to have already been trusted by over 2,000 events in 50 countries. We’re seeing more users flock to OnePlan to accurately plan live events and festivals, in a simpler way than they’ve ever done before.

“Our latest user data shows a continued need for accurate and easy-to-use social distancing tools within an event plan. We’re grateful to our customers for the feedback they give us so we can continuously improve OnePlan to help them answer the new challenges faced by event organisers.”

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