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Rotate on map, Metric/Imperial and more: See our latest updates

Rotate object on map in OnePlan

At OnePlan, we’re constantly updating and improving our solutions to support efficiency and speed for our users. We’ve recently added new features to make the OnePlan experience even better: Rotate objects directly on your event plan, measure in meters or feet, take a screen capture of your event plan, and close out of the object menu. 

Rotate Objects Directly on the Map

Firstly, we’ve introduced more intuitive Rotate functionality, meaning you can now rotate an object easily on the event plan itself. Simply, click the object on your event plan and rotate as needed.

Choose Metric or Imperial

The second new feature gives event planners in any country more customisation for how you prefer to plan. In the top bar there is now a toggle that switches between Metric and Imperial measurements. This can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the OnePlan studio.

Simply click this toggle to switch between your event plan items displaying in meters or feet, whatever your preference. 

Taking a Screen Capture of Your Event Plan

We’ve now enabled users to be able to take screen captures of their event plan. With screen capture, you’re able to download a PNG file of your event plan. This will allow for greater sharing capabilities outside of OnePlan.

To take a screen capture, simple click the camera icon in the top right corner and click the “download” button that pops up.

Close out of Object Menu

When clicking on an object in your event plan, you’re now able to exit out of the object menu on the right-hand side. It allows for a greater view of your event plan on your screen. 

To exit out, simple click the small “X” in the upper right-hand corner of the object menu.

To learn more about the new functions or want to try them out yourself, book a demo with one of our event planning specialists.

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