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The New Ways to Plan Outdoor Events


February was a pivotal month on OnePlan with event organizers pushing ahead to plan outdoor events and festivals.  Our data shows live events and festivals being planned with increased consideration of social distancing factors. This includes a 402% monthly increase in Routes and Wayfinding to help the flow of attendees and their cars at outdoor events.

Planning for 85,234m of Routes

OnePlan’s toolkit enables event organizers to plot how to run temperature tests and vaccination checks on arrival, as well as calculate the expected duration and direction of crowd flow. These are essential new requirements to plan outdoor events to ensure social distancing rules are met. 

In February, event organizers plotted a huge 85,234 metres of routes on OnePlan. This 402% rise from January shows the increased importance event planners are placing on how attendees enter and navigate an event site.

In the USA and Canada there was a 384% growth in routes and wayfinding being planned for future events. While in the UK, organisers of live outdoor events mapped 34,417m of routes and wayfinding. That’s a 272% increase in the UK month-on-month!

Planning for Covid Checks at Events

Our insights show a significant increase in the use of our Social Distancing measurement tools. In OnePlan users can plan dedicated spaces for temperature tests and vaccination checks, for when cars and people arrive at events. We saw a 166% increase in the use of social distancing measurement tools in February compared to the prior month. 

Almost one third of this was done by event organizers in Australia and New Zealand. This continues the growth in outdoor events planned in that region that we’ve seen in recent months. While the UK saw a 116% monthly increase in measurement tools for covid checks, as the government announced a roadmap for live events to start again in the months ahead.

More Barriers and Fencing to Ensure Crowd Safety

Not only do our insights reflect the increasing importance of safety and crowd management for event organizers, but also the infrastructure that’s needed at events alongside this. As event planners’ confidence for live outdoor events continues to rise, so does the number of items plotted in OnePlan.

February saw a 300% monthly increase of infrastructure placed on global event plans. In Australia and New Zealand, with less restrictions currently in place compared to other markets, event organisers placed 198% more infrastructure in February than January. 

We also saw a 157% monthly rise in barriers and fencing added to event plans on OnePlan. This is further evidence of how event organizers are preparing for crowd safety measures as attendees arrive and move within an event site. Across the globe, our planners plotted 27,504 metres of barriers and fencing in February alone: that’s half a marathon’s worth of barriers!

With tickets selling fast for live outdoor events in multiple regions of the world, the outlook for 2021 is now more positive for the events industry. Our February data shows how event organizers are switching to plan events with safety, and space for covid tests, in mind. 

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