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Easy to use, collaborative and cost-effective: the new solution for Fairs & Shows

State Fair event plan in OnePlan

For too long, planning fairs and shows like state fairs or county fairs has been a cumbersome, complex process with multiple platforms, managing sometimes hundreds of vendors, maintaining safety guidelines and overall, putting on a fun functional event. OnePlan Fairs and Shows has simplified this process into a single source of truth platform.

When creating OnePlan Fairs and Shows, we spoke to veteran fair organizers, some organizing massive State fairs for over 20 years. The pain points in the old ways of event planning were clear – and we knew how we could fix it.

One platform as a single source of truth

Many fair organizers still use pen, paper or a whiteboard to plan their massive events. If they are using digital programs, it’s never one size fits all. It’s often PowerPoint, screenshots, and sometimes CAD – if they’ve had the training to use it. Learning all these different tools, as well, can be difficult and there’s a huge learning curve. Until now, no platform can map, design and manage a state fair – and maintain that relationship between event planners, vendors, stakeholders and suppliers. 

OnePlan Fairs and Shows is the ultimate event planning platform because it does what organizers need in just one platform. 

  • Map out your fair or show with high-resolution satellite maps of your outdoor event space. Switch between different views such as satellite, night, black and white, and Google maps.  For many locations OnePlan also has aerial imagery, more up to date than Google maps and much higher resolution.
  • Design your event with our bespoke icons specifically designed for fairs and shows. Place icons and event infrastructure in the exact location to get an ideal visual duplicate of your event. 
  • Manage vendors, suppliers and stakeholders by generating a bill of quantities and collaborating inside of OnePlan in real-time.

A premium platform for an affordable price

Fair organizers are often expected to put on huge, massive state events on smaller budgets. Some of the organizers we spoke to were not-for-profit organizations so software that costs thousands of dollars a year was out of the question. We knew affordability needed to be part of our platform if it were to really fit within fair organizers’ needs.

OnePlan’s pricing model starts at $35 a month for our essentials package. From there, you can scale up depending on your needs. We offer a variety of discounts depending on what type of package you buy and we’re willing to work with our customers to get the right price they need to build their event and venue plans.

Collaborate with your team

Traditionally, there’s no real-time collaboration with your team when planning a fair or show. Often it’s on pen and paper so your team can’t physically see the map or event plan unless you are face to face. If you’re using CAD, there’s often a “version control” mess and only one person can edit at a time to keep things simple.

Inside OnePlan Fairs and Shows, you can easily give your team or suppliers access to your event plan. Choose from different permissions like “edit” or “view-only”, to make sure the right access is given. Your team can see vendor status or if a booth is on hold, available, or claimed right in the moment. It’s a game-changer and makes collaboration easy.

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If you’re interested in booking a demo of OnePlan Fairs and Shows, click here to schedule a one on one 15-minute demo with a member of the OnePlan team. 

Try our platform for free today. No credit card info required – just sign up and start planning!

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