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New strategic investment in OnePlan by Elysian Park Ventures and Verance Capital


We’re delighted to announce a $6M new strategic investment in OnePlan by Elysian Park Ventures and Verance Capital. The strategic relationship and investment will accelerate OnePlan’s commitment to supporting live events and venues.

OnePlan provides proprietary groundbreaking 3D digital mapping tools that allow venue planners to expertly and seamlessly organize all sizes of live events – from marathons to music festivals, cycling races, football games and triathlons. Founded in 2019, OnePlan’s technology has been used to power over 35,000 of the world’s best live events at iconic venues in 107 countries, including Intuit Dome, home of the LA Clippers, as well as USA Triathlon. OnePlan is the Official Supporter of GIS Mapping and Digital Twin Software for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024.

Immediate operational, security and commercial benefits from using OnePlan

Paul Foster, OnePlan founder and CEO, said: “We’re honored to have the support of Elysian Park Ventures and Verance Capital as we further our mission of revolutionizing the events and venues industry the world over. It’s heartening to see how our customers, at some of the biggest venues in the world, get immediate operational and security benefits from using OnePlan, along with significant commercial gains.”

With OnePlan, venues can leverage automated real-time data intelligence to plan for and measure crowd capacity and safety, arrival and exit flows, optimal placement for stages or marquees, and even the right placement of refuse facilities. OnePlan’s digital twin product, VenueTwin, gives organizers virtual access to real world venues, opening new opportunities for venue owners and operators.

In addition to the operational planning benefits, VenueTwin can be used as a sales and marketing tool for advertisers, sponsors and fans, and enables third party licensing of official virtual venues as consumer applications for the metaverse open up. The platform is leveraged by Silverstone, World Triathlon, World Obstacle and more. 

Taking live events and venues to the next level

“Venues, and particularly sporting venues, play such an important role in our communities by providing spaces for communities to gather and celebrate,” said Ami Galani, Venture Partner with Elysian Park Ventures. “OnePlan’s immersive 2D and 3D digital twinning provide game-changing tools to create rich experiences. We are excited by how OnePlan gives access to this powerful platform to the broadest set of live event planners, from the largest of global events to local community events.”

“Live events are an increasingly integral aspect of our society and OnePlan’s technology enables comprehensive and seamless event planning for stadiums and venues, as well as intuitive software that suits any event organizer.” said Julian Kershaw-Weih, Principal with Verance Capital. “We believe OnePlan’s best-in-class systems will bring live events to the next level for attendees, organizers and venues alike.”

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