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The 177% Rise in Items for Covid-Safe Events


March 2021 was certainly a busy month for event planners – OnePlan’s busiest month so far this year. Our latest user insights show how event planners around the globe are preparing for the return of covid-safe outdoor events.

Our insights show a 177% month-on-month increase in all items plotted by our global customers, with both the USA and UK seeing a significant increase in total items added to event plans.

With covid safe events in mind, more and more event organisers are finding confidence to plan events with OnePlan. From cabins and containers, to stages and marquees, more event infrastructure was placed by event organisers in OnePlan in March 2021 than in January and February combined. That’s a 400% increase from January to March!

Plotting for safe crowd management

Events are being planned with attendee and spectator safety of paramount importance, so it’s essential to ensure crowd management is smart. Using OnePlan’s barrier and fencing tools enables users to clearly map out routes and pathways within their events, as well as marking queues and areas that require careful social distance planning.

Our insights show a 259% increase in the number of barrier and fencing tools used by our users in March 2021, compared to the previous month. 

We also saw a 309% month-on-month rise in Routes plotted, reflecting the increasing need for one-way flows, safe navigation and crowd management at live events.

Huge increase in staff and dot planning for covid secure events

Dot planning and staff management is an integral part of any event plan. Now more than ever, it’s imperative to ensure successful, covid secure events and festivals. March saw a huge monthly increase in the number of event staff and medical staff being placed by event organisers on OnePlan.

Whilst seeing a significant 170% month-on-month increase in global dot planning, in the UK our insights show a mammoth 326% rise in plotting staffing requirements at events. This reflects the growing importance for more staff for safety, security and crowd management, in a new era of events.

Organisers across the world are rapidly planning covid secure events and festivals. Our new user data showcases the events industry’s adaptation and preparation for an upcoming season of safe events.

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OnePlan global data for March 2021

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