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How to Use: Layouts and Floor Levels in OnePlan

Layout and Floor Levels

OnePlan is a comprehensive tool for planning events. Create a detailed site map, collaborate with your team and partners, and plan and manage live events all in one, accurate system. 

To help you create a site map that is as detailed and accurate as possible, OnePlan allows you to add layouts and floor levels to your base canvas. These assist in adding extra information when planning your event.

What are Layouts and Floor Levels?

Layouts are inserted on top of your base layer to help guide or position where you place your event objects. Some examples of layers are previous event setups, alternate phase imagery, land contours, or any image or a PDF file with location reference that can be added.

Floor Levels are typically interior building floor plans so you can plan inside a building on different floors. To do this, CAD plans can be uploaded to OnePlan.

How to use layouts in OnePlan:

Step 1: Email OnePlan Support

Currently, if you wish to import a layer, please email us at [email protected] with the image or PDF file, the event name, and the location of the layout.*

Step 2: Start Planning & Placing Items

Once you have your building levels added to your event, you can now place items on a particular floor. Added concrete layers are shown in Placed Object on top of the Objects toolbar. By moving between concrete layers, you’ll change the floors of a building, so any objects you place on that floor will only appear on that concrete layer and nowhere else. Pick from hundreds of items in OnePlan to position on your CAD drawings. The concrete layer of an object is listed in all the reports so you can see what level an object is placed on.

*Depending on what type of subscription you have, there may be a small charge for these services.

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