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How to Plan the Best Street Party for the King’s Coronation

Street party for coronation

King Charles III’s long-awaited coronation promises to be one of the UK’s defining events of 2023. Here’s a quick guide to help you plan the best Coronation street party and what you might need in place.

Street party guidance

Street parties are a great way to meet your neighbours and build community spirit, so it’s important to make sure that it’s well planned, so that everyone involved has a good time and stays safe.

When holding a street party, having a closed road is ideal as more people are able to join in and it is great to have no traffic for the day! However, in order to do this you may need to arrange a formal road closure with your council. It can take up to 6 weeks for your application to be reviewed and a decision made, so it’s best to get these forms in no later than the middle of March 2023. Although, if you live in a cul-de-sac some councils may waive the need for a formal road closure.

What sort of events do these apply to?

These apply to the sort of street parties that groups of residents get together to arrange for their neighbours. The main differences between small street parties and larger public events are listed in the table below.

Larger public events require a different application process.  If your event is being organised professionally and marketed widely and anyone is welcome to attend, you need to apply using this larger events form. If your event also has a paid bar, is putting on entertainment or you’re charging for entry or selling tickets for your event, you’ll need a temporary event notice.

Can I have a street party without closing my road?

For various reasons, you may not have time, be able to, or want to arrange a formal road closure for the Coronation with your council. So you may be able to have an informal Street Meet!

In order to carry this out successfully, make sure to pick a practical and safe area in the street to have a get-together such as on a driveway, parking area, or front garden as it is on private land, at the end of a cul-de-sac, wide pavement or grass verge. You just need to make sure you keep the pavements clear to allow people to move safely through the street.

More information on Street Meets can be found here.

Planning the best Coronation street party in OnePlan

Planning a street party or park event has never been easier! We now have a pack in the OnePlan Studio exclusively created for all your coronation celebrations this year. Simply ‘click and drop’ objects onto your street party or park event, and collaborate in real-time with other organisers!

From bunting, afternoon tea, and BBQs to screening areas and bake sales! Take the stress out of planning and design a Coronation Event that your attendees will love. You can find the new pack in the ‘More’ category.

Street Party Icon

Street Party

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Afternoon Tea Icon

Afternoon Tea

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Drinks Icon


BBQ Icon


Screening Icon


More guidance on holding a Coronation street party

In most cases you do not need a risk assessment for small street parties, however, it is encouraged to complete one as the event organiser with responsibility for attendees’ safety.

It’s also recommended that you purchase public liability insurance cover for a small residential street party. For further advice visit the Street Party Site and The Big Lunch. The costs can always be split between residents, or ask for donations to cover the costs.

For more guidance on holding a Street Party to celebrate the King’s Coronation, be sure to check out the guidance given by the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames here.

Get started for free here to start planning your Coronation street party or event in OnePlan, with all the tools you need to ensure a safe and successful event.

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