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How OnePlan is Being Used to Plan Jubilee Events

Queen Elizabeth II in a carriage

2022 will mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – a celebration of 70 years service as Britain’s monarch. Queen Elizabeth II has held the record for the longest reign since 2015 and will become the first British royal in history to reach this milestone. 

To celebrate such an important event, there will be events taking place across the United Kingdom. Here’s how event planners are getting ready for the occasion with OnePlan.

How can I plan a Platinum Jubilee event?

There are many ways you can plan an event for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in 2022. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Park Events

Gather your community at your local park to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Hang bunting and hire screens to watch the Royal celebrations that will bring together some of the world’s biggest entertainment stars to celebrate the most significant and joyous moments from The Queen’s seven decade reign.

With OnePlan, you can design and map your event site while also managing vendors. Each item on your map has a vendor management section where you can input information such as vendor name, cost, in-and-out date, power details etc. Meaning no matter how many tents or marquees you need in your event plan, all the information is all in one place! Easily place infrastructure on your event plan from stages, large screens, fair rides, food stalls, power generators and sanitation areas to make your Jubilee event fun for all your attendees.

OnePlan’s intelligent tools instantly show area space and capacity, and gives you control over every aspect of your plan. Our crowd management features include capacity calculators where you can chart or map out a precise area and it will calculate the capacity allowed. You’re even able to change density, from 1 person per square metre to 5, meaning you can see exactly how many people you can fit in your picnic area!

2. Street Parties

Organising a Platinum Jubilee street party of your own is actually much easier than you might initially think. Anyone who wants to hold a street party is welcome to do so any time during the bank holiday weekend, from Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June. 

It’s recommended that you start planning your event at least six weeks in advance – you can start by filling out an application form on your local council website. This gives your local council time to put a temporary traffic regulation in place and close your road to traffic so you can take advantage of the whole street. 

OnePlan enables you to create a traffic management plan for your event, ensuring that key points of the route are effectively supervised. With OnePlan, you’re able to chart the precise location of traffic signage, barriers, cones and temporary traffic signals to plan and arrange road closures, contraflows, diversion routes and traffic control measures on public roads or within your event site. 

3. The Big Jubilee Lunch

To coincide with the Platinum Jubilee, The Big Jubilee Lunch will be taking place on Sunday 5 June.

The Big Lunch encourages communities to celebrate their connections and get to know each other a little better. A Big Lunch can be anything from a small gathering in a garden, park or driveway, to a larger party with trestle tables down the middle of your street.  The idea is that by starting simple, all sorts of friendships, ideas and projects can come out of a Big Lunch.

With OnePlan you can position any physical asset you may need at your event with pinpoint accuracy. From dining tables, to marquees, water stations, bunting lights and power units to individual light columns, all infrastructure can be placed and moved in real-time anywhere on your event site plan!

4. Beacon lighting

Beacon lighting is a long tradition in the UK for celebrating Royal Jubilees, Weddings and Coronations. You could light beacons or get involved in beacon lighting within your communities on the evening of 2 June, as part of your Platinum Jubilee event.

Planners can use OnePlan to show road closures accurately on your site plan, and upload precise images of potholes and other hazards, you can also position signs to plan for a safe and successful event for your attendees. 

Mark in your event plan any potholes and other road hazards

Upload photos & videos of hazards at exact location

Ensuring Safety and Security at larger Jubilee Events

This is how International Major Events and Protective Security Consultant Pete Dalton uses OnePlan to plan a safe and successful Jubilee event.

Pete Dalton MSyl is a UK based international major events and protective security consultant. Pete is now engaged in a diverse range of projects supporting major international sporting and crowded space events, including delivering the Interpol International Safety & Security Training Programme to police commanders from 60 countries.

“The event plan shown above for Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, relates to a case study CPD Exercise that I delivered to the Security Institute in February. The exercise considered the challenges of integrated multi agency planning, development of a crowd management plan and deployment of an interoperable security plan, showing physical, personnel and technical measures. 

In the scenario Alexandra Park in Windsor was used. This venue was used 6 years ago for Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday events, it is an iconic location in a high-profile town. Delegates were able to manage and respond to challenges using the OnePlan system as a commonly recognised information picture or ‘single source of truth’.”

"OnePlan is an incredibly versatile system, the ability to plan and manage all aspects of events combining crowd management tools, intuitive icons and infrastructure allows for a visually impactive plan.”

Pete Dalton headpic

Pete Dalton

International Security Consultant

“The ever-developing range of tools and applications for specific events provides unique capability for all involved in successful events. A key priority in all  events is the integration of safety, security & service – OnePlan delivers this capability at its core. Crowd Management Specialists will appreciate the ability to consider Design, Information and Management, the ability to measure static and dynamic crowd flows and the versatility in producing RAMP assessments.

Protective security specialists will appreciate the range of applications in developing effective mitigation to manage risks to events. The ability to assess CCTV, Search & Screen facilities, Road closures, Vehicle Barriers and positioning of staff are simple to use. Another effective feature is the ability to tag digital photographs and visual imagery into the plan. Working on detailed international major events, incorporating CAD and other site plans allow for accuracy, efficiency and confidence in spatial planning”.

Sign up for free here to start planning your Jubilee event in OnePlan with all the tools you need to ensure your event is safe and successful for your attendees.

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