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How OnePlan enables better safety at venues ahead of Martyn’s Law

Manchester Police

The UK is soon to implement the  Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill 2023, more commonly known as Martyn’s Law. This stems from the tragic terrorist attack at Manchester Arena in 2017 that killed Martyn Hett and 21 others as fans were existing the venue after an Ariana Grande concert. 

Martyn’s Law will have significant implications for venues of all sizes in the UK, for how they put in place appropriate, legal measures to make their venues safe. In this article, Security Consultant Pete Dalton shares his own experience of how OnePlan can help venues plan their security, and be better prepared for Martyn’s Law.

Understanding the Context of Martyn's Law

In May 2023, the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill 2003 – also known as Marty’s Law – was published. Originating from the Manchester Arena attack in May 2017, tireless campaigning by Figen Murray, the mother of one of the victims, Martyn Hett, along with support from within UK Counter Terrorism Policing and the National Counter Terrorism Security Office has led the way in shaping the development of this important legislation.

Since 2017, in the UK 39 terrorist plots have been disrupted. Counter Terrorism Policing and the UK Intelligence Community work collaboratively to identify, analyse, evaluate and mitigate terrorism investigations – around 800 at any one time.

The Manchester Arena Inquiry provides three comprehensive volumes that considered planning, preparedness and response to the attack. A raft of other freely available event guidance covers the need for an integrated response and agreed roles and responsibilities, not only within the venue or Publicly Accessible Location but through a wider area often referred to as Zone-Ex, The Last Mile or Grey Space.

Martyn’s Law identifies the diverse range of premises, venues and events that may be impacted upon by the proposed legislation. In any case, proportionate, pragmatic and flexible counter terrorism and protective security requires a coordinated, integrated and interoperable response. 

UK Strategy for Countering Terrorism

The National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) and ‘Protect UK’ advocate a focus on physical, personnel and technical security measures, achieved through a combination of people, processes and technology. 

Planning security for 'Enhanced' and 'Standard' venues

Martyn’s Law is expected to create responsibilities, tiered against ‘Enhanced’ and ‘Standard’ venues and events. While no specific Martyn’s Law training or products have yet been approved or accredited, it is possible and practicable to consider the threats posed by terrorism and other threat actors to venues and events. This includes considering the existing vulnerabilities and risk management processes.

Such a proactive approach enables counter terrorism policies, plans and training needs to be developed, approved and operationalised. There’s freely available training online such as Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) or See, Check and Notify (SCaN). SCaN training is available by the local Counter Terrorism Security Coordinator (CTSA). Such measures are already adopted by many premises, venues and events. In proactively doing so, Protective Security, Event Safety Management and Customer or spectator Service can be integrated.

"OnePlan enables me to plan security at venues in the most efficient way, and sets me up with the right plans ahead of the Martyn's Law legislation."

Pete Dalton

Pete Dalton

Security Consultant

As an independent security and major events consultant, I have adopted OnePlan into my projects since 2019. Whether operating in counter terrorism, protective security, crowd or event management capacity, the integration of planning through OnePlan and interoperability, demonstrated across international events allows me efficiency, effectiveness and a single platform for operational, planning, educational or consultancy work in any situation.

OnePlan enables me to plan security at venues in the most efficient way, and sets me up with the right plans ahead of the Martyn’s Law legislation.

How OnePlan is being used for Protective Security and Martyn’s Law

OnePlan has developed into a world leading event and venue planning tool. Adopted by a diverse range of events, venues and premises, from the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to music festivals, village fairs and more, the system allows integrated, efficient interoperability in planning, assurance and delivery.

The ability to consider and implement protective security measures is evidenced through the range of customers and case studies.

Deploy personnel precisely in 2D and 3D

OnePlan allows for an unequalled ability to plot and deploy personnel (dot-planning), infrastructure, technology in a collaborative system in both 2D and 3D through VenueTwin. Layers of security can be planned in a range of GIS formats, with CAD files, imagery and videos inserted into the system. This plan was used to demonstrate a comprehensive protective security plan as part of CPD training to the UK Security Institute CT SIG in 2023.

This plan above illustration highlights the integration of people processes and technology for a protective security operation in a crowded space.

Design crowd flow and dyanmics alongside security measures

An essential and distinctive element of OnePlan is the ability to plan security using its vast suite of crowd management tools. This enables crowded spaces, crowd dynamics, routes, areas, movement and profile to be considered against security measures.

Security plan in OnePlan

This event plan is based upon the security planning support I gave to the Euro 2020 football competition in London. It documents event safety management plans and security infrastructure at an iconic location, and enabled the event safety management plan to be integrated into OnePlan.

Sharing event plans across multi-agencies for a single source of truth

OnePlan means safer events, planned in a collaborative and integrated way. Simply accessed via its website, the platform enables an increasing capacity to develop, communicate and share security plans across multi-agencies, allowing for a single source of truth.

It enables venues of any size to produce proportionate, flexible and scalable plans. This venue plan shows a strategic security concept of operation as part of a Host City bid for an iconic major event. OnePlan was used to outline the Host City proposed concept across several venues. The information and plans were incorporated into the strategic briefing and venue hosting requirements.

Security fan zone planning in OnePlan

Enabling easy-to-create visual plans to comply with Martyn's Law

Looking ahead to the implementation of Martyn’s Law, OnePlan will enable Responsible Persons and Security Teams to complete key actions in a single place – whatever the premise, venue or event. OnePlan enables the following items to be done, which sets a great base for security measures at venues before the introduction of Martyn’s Law: 

  • Conducting a venue specific vulnerability assessment and documenting current and proposed mitigation
  • Plotting technology and capability for warning or alerting of a threat incident
  • Plans to lock-down a premise or event, using CAD and floor plan files that can be easily uploaded to OnePlan
  • Evacuation plans with crowd management tools
  • Plotting emergency plans for first aid provision, response and JESIP interoperability
  • Plotting and identifying boundaries, neighbours and linked properties

The dot plans and schematics can be shared and imported directly into counter terrorism, security or event safety management plans, with assurance as to the scope, scale and location of people and technology.

My experience in protective security and as a security consultant has led me to requiring a real-time mapping software that can be easily updated, is feature-heavy and can be instantly shared with venue clients and partners. OnePlan provides all that and more, giveing me efficiency in operational and security planning. 

Learn more about using OnePlan for security, or schedule a demo at a time of your choosing with one of our team. 

About the author: Pete Dalton MSyl, is a UK based international major events and protective security consultant. As a former specialist UK Police Senior Officer, Pete was the Head of Department responsible for Protective Security. He is now engaged in a diverse range of key projects supporting major international sporting and crowded space events, consulting for several Law Enforcement Agencies, crowded space consultancies and academic institutions. He delivers specialist consultancy, training and support in all aspects of planning, event management and incident command. Connect with Pete on LinkedIn.

See Pete’s article in Security Journal United Kingdom about Martyn’s Law being on the horizon. 

SJUK Pete Dalton

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