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FETRI and OnePlan Strengthen Collaboration in Spain and LATAM

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We’re pleased to share that the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI) has strengthened its collaboration with OnePlan to make planning triathlons easier for all organizers in Spain and Latin America.

FETRI has been using OnePlan’s triathlon platform, developed in partnership with World Triathlon, since last year, and now intends to promote it to further develop the sport of triathlon in Spain. Our visual tools, wide selection of maps and in-built intelligent GIS calculators, provide a collaborative way for triathlon organizers to plan events accurately and safely.

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The Triathlon pack in OnePlan provides over 100 triathlon-specific objects that can be used, including for traffic management, security, course design, athlete welfare, and more.

FETRI is collaborating closely with OnePlan to roll out the event planning platform in Spain, including a Spanish language version of the platform, which also extends the benefit to triathlon organizers in the LATAM region.

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The technology of choice for triathlon organizers

OnePlan’s collaboration with FETRI, alongside other partnerships with World Triathlon, USA Triathlon, and the Tour of Britain, further cements it as the technology of choice for organizers of triathlons and road events.

Philippe Bourdarias, VP Strategic Accounts at OnePlan, said: “FETRI is one of the most innovative sports federations in Europe, and they are seeing the immediate benefits that OnePlan delivers. We’re delighted to partner with FETRI in this way, and their invaluable feedback will help us further develop the platform for the benefit of all triathlon organizers.”

Jorge Garcia, FETRI Competition Director, added: “FETRI has ambitious objectives to develop triathlon events in Spain, and we know that technology is crucial to achieving our goals. OnePlan is the industry leader for planning triathlon events, and brings so many time-saving benefits, including how we collaborate for event sign-off with technical delegates. We estimate by using OnePlan we save around 30 planning hours per year, and this is something that all triathlon organizers in Spain can benefit from.”

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The collaboration between FETRI and OnePlan can boost the planning of all triathlons in Spain and Latin America. Our award-winning tech makes event planning easier, more efficient, and more accurate, allowing organizers to focus on delivering safe and successful events.

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