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Event Plans of the Month – October

Event Plans of the Month - October

Our event planners have been hard at work this month, here are a few standout event plans that have caught our eye!

Halloween Town

Halloween Town Event Plan Image

Halloween Town is a city-hosted, community-centered event that is completely free of charge. They extend invitations to local businesses to participate by setting up creatively decorated booths for Halloween, the businesses do not sell anything but instead are asked to provide candy or other goodies to distribute.

The event features a petting zoo, an exciting car show, and performances by local dance companies from their community. On average, they have the pleasure of hosting around 3,000 attendees at this enchanting event.

Dawn Hancock, Events Manager, says “I find it incredibly valuable that I can create my event layout to scale using OnePlan. This feature is a game-changer because it provides me with precise knowledge of the available space, and I can work on an up-to-date park image as well. I especially appreciate the tent icons, the borderless areas, the various walking and driving paths, and the option to label icons – just to highlight a few of the fantastic tools at my disposal.”

This event plan makes great use of OnePlan’s variety of event infrastructure available in the platform, in particular, the various Tent options. Dawn says “One of the most invaluable tools at my disposal is the use of tent icons. These icons not only provide a visual representation of where tents or structures will be positioned but also serve as markers for designated areas. This is particularly crucial when organizing events with various tented sections, as it allows me to clearly delineate the layout and ensure that each area is optimized for its intended purpose.”

Taste of the Caribbean - Rum Edition 2023

Taste of the Caribbean Event Plan

Taste of the Carribean is a 4-day outdoor all-around Caribbean-themed free festival which attracts 100k patrons every year at the famous Old-Port of Montreal. The festival features live cultural performances by various Caribbean genres of music on a new main stage setup, as well as several other on-site activities, such as: a rum zone, a ‘One Love’ educational workshops tent, a kids area, a special VIP Terrace Experience, several dance sessions, and more.

Cezar Brumeanu, Executive Producer, says “Using OnePlan saved us a lot of time, as we have constant changes to make right up until the week of the event. It’s flexibility to make changes is great!”

This event map is a great example of how our intelligent measuring tools can easily and precisely map out your site plan. Toggle between the measurement. metrics of your choice to see the length and width of your grounds to ensure accurate and safe planning for your event.

Tour of Britain 2023 - Manchester

Tour of Britain Event Plan

The Tour of Britain and Women’s Tour breaks away from the old ways of cycling race planning to instead use OnePlan. It plans the multi-stage, national event in our easy-to-use, accurate platform,  saving hundreds of hours in planning, increasing efficiency and boosting sustainability.

Rob Kennison, Finish Director, says “With OnePlan, plans are ready six months in advance, and they’re a ‘living thing’ until the day before the race instead of weeks’ before”

Using OnePlan means the Tour of Britain and Women’s Tour can be planned more efficiently, with distances automatically measured accurately within the product. These efficiencies have led to an estimated 75% reduction in site visits and a hard cost saving of 8-10k per year in reduced outsourcing of CAD specialists, which presents a 3x ROI by using OnePlan.

Trafalgar Square 'Event Planning for Crowded Space Course'

Trafalgar Square 'Event Planning for Crowded Space Course'

This event plan is based upon the security planning support Pete Dalton, International Security Consultant, gave to football authorities in London. It documents event safety management plans and security infrastructure at an iconic location, and enabled the event safety management plan to be integrated into OnePlan.

Pete Dalton says “An essential and distinctive element of OnePlan is the ability to plan security using its vast suite of crowd management tools. This enables crowded spaces, crowd dynamics, routes, areas, movement and profile to be considered against security measures.”

OnePlan means safer events, planned in a collaborative and integrated way. Simply accessed via its website, the platform enables an increasing capacity to develop, communicate and share security plans across multi-agencies, allowing for a single source of truth.

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