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Event Plans of the Month – July

July Event Plans of the Month

Our event planners have been hard at work this month, here are a few standout event plans that have caught our eye!

Meadows Festival

Meadows Festival event plan

The Meadows Festival is a community event, entirely volunteer-run, which takes place on The Meadows in Edinburgh, every June since 1974. There are many challenges fitting in the various activities and infrastructure to support three stages, 150 stalls, performance and childrens’ areas, not to mention the less exciting but all important things like toilets, generators and fencing. They also have to comply with council rules on proximity to trees and appropriate vehicle accesses.

They said “OnePlan made this process really easy, we could plot everything on the map and verify that we could fit all of the items where we wanted them, without need for time-consuming and fiddly paper drawings. I could immediately update or adjust plans based on suggestions or modifications required. And when we got on site everything fitted perfectly and the reflection and refinement proved worth it!”

We love the precise mapping of the various areas across this event site and the plotting of routes attendees can take to get around the festival site easily and safely!

Guernsey Together Festival

Guernsey Together Festival

Guernsey Together Festival is a celebration of music, dance, food and drink held over two days, on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May. There’s an enviable lineup of some of the hottest UK and European tribute acts supported by local bands, showcasing the best of Guernsey’s music scene.

They said “The software is incredibly easy to use, I picked up how to use it within an hour and continued to discover more and more features. Building our perimeter fence usually takes 3 days, but after using OnePlan the team had it up in a day! I wish I had found OnePlan three years ago, I could list at least another 10 to 15 things about how fantastic OnePlan is for organisers and teams within the event industry.” 

This impressive event plan uses OnePlan’s measuring tools across the site ensuring accurate measurements for the safe placement of infrastructure. This greatly reduces the number of site visits needed for manual measurements and calculations!

MugStock 2023

MugStock Event Plan

MugStock is a Festival of Music & Merriment. They are musicians and music lovers who seek to produce the best and friendliest festival possible. MugStock is a not-for-profit event which favours creativity over commerciality. They have an enviable track-record for programming some of the greatest new and established musical talent from across Scotland and beyond!

They said “We have secured a new site for our 2023 event and needed to visualise every element. We had previously relied on Google Maps, but found some severe limitations such as being able to draw a shape to represent a stage but not be able to rotate it. Within about 30 minutes of starting to use OnePlan we already had a more convincing draft plan, and have subsequently been able to add lots more detail. It was helpful to be able to then export a CSV of all the fencing and use this to calculate our requirements for procurement. We are new users still scratching the surface of what OnePlan is capable of and look forward to continuing to find new features.”

This event plan is a great example of how our area tool can provide neat and precise mapping of areas across your event site, which instantly calculates capacity and area size for safe crowd management. 

Spiltrock Summerjam

Spiltrock Summer Jam Event Plan

The Splitrock SummerJam is a Labor Day weekend campout that celebrates the power of vibrations from sound and nature in Southern California. Set against the stunning backdrop of Splitrock Farm and Retreat in North County San Diego, attendees can soak up the sun and enjoy the sweet splice of sounds of SoCal music while surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors. The festival will also feature local food and holistic vendors, offering nourishing meals and rejuvenating wellness services. Attendees camp out under the stars, with options ranging from camping to glamping.

They said “OnePlan was extremely straightforward and very easy to use! The staff were also very nice in helping us with any questions. OnePlan was especially helpful in figuring out spacing, measurements, and quantities”

This impressive event plan utilises our new camping capacity calculator tool to precisely plan out their camping areas. The tool helps you determine the level of density for each camping area, to ensure a safe and comfortable camping experience for all attendees!

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