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Event Plans of the Month – January

Event Plans of the Month, January 2024 header image

Our event planners have been hard at work already this year, here are a few standout event plans that have caught our eye!

GC Live: Starry Nights at Dean Castle

 Photography Credits – Ian Potter

Starry Nights at Dean Castle takes place on the grounds of the beautiful Dean Castle in December. The team were in need of a high-standard, agile layout software to aid with their planning and development of their brand-new, magical illuminated Christmas adventure.

Callum Ridley, Event Graduate said: “OnePlan’s storyboard feature was a huge asset for the company. Being able to download the map with all the symbols as a key made it much easier to discuss plans with clients, colleagues, and suppliers.”

“Furthermore, the live map-sharing feature on OnePlan worked excellently when we needed to share the site plans with our suppliers, and it helped ease the construction process for Starry Nights by allowing them to familiarise themselves with the locations of their equipment or stalls on-site.”

“The option to download map drawings in PDF format also proved extremely useful and allowed us to work to enhance the event manual we created for the experience. This is a key document, which will serve as a blueprint to assist with planning future Christmas illuminated trails as well as training new team members by helping new recruits understand how our Starry Nights event was planned and set up.”

This event is a great example of how OnePlan’s Presentation Export feature can facilitate better communication and collaboration with stakeholders and serve as a useful asset post-event too!

Mandurah Christmas Pageant

Mandurah Christmas Pageant 2023 Event Plan in OnePlan

The Mandurah Christmas Pageant is a local event that see’s over 10,000 spectators come to the community pageant to kick-off the festive season.

Danni Render, Events Officer said “This was our first time using OnePlan and it was very quick and efficient to use from the very beginning. We’re already to looking forward to working with the software in the future to really enhance the planning stage of our events”

This event plan demonstrates a great use case for our route plotting functionality. Here the event organiser has used it to plot out the route for their Float across their event site!

North Australia Festival of the Arts

NAFA Event Plan in OnePlan

Nestled in the heart of Townsville in Queensland, Australia, the North Australia Festival of the Arts (NAFA) is not your typical arts festival; it’s an inclusive, organic and open access festival that features all forms of art and performance. Hosted by the Townsville City Council, it spans two weeks and celebrates an impressive range of art genres. From handpicked, curated showcases to open-access fringe-style events, NAFA has something for every art enthusiast.

OnePlan’s HD mapping elevated the planning game for this event organiser. OnePlan’s HD maps constantly update, providing the most recent version of your event site. This real-time, updated mapping was instrumental in making split-second, informed decisions, eliminating guesswork.

Lachlan Welsh, Festival Director, says: “The festival is run by Townsville City Council, so I have access to a lot of the city’s planning and GIS mapping systems, but even that is older than what I can get through the HD maps in OnePlan,” says Lachlan.

“The maps are never the same even through seasons, like how big the canopy of trees are between a dry season and a wet season. So you can see whether you’re going to be able to get that truck through that driveway with a container on the back without hitting the canopy.”

Eurovision Song Contest - Host City Bid

Eurovision Leeds Millennium Square Event Plan

OnePlan means safer events, planned in a collaborative and integrated way. Simply accessed via its website, the platform enables an increasing capacity to develop, communicate and share security plans across multi-agencies, allowing for a single source of truth.

It enables venues of any size to produce proportionate, flexible and scalable plans. Pete Dalton, UK based international major events and protective security consultant, created this venue plan that shows a strategic security concept of operation as part of a Host City bid for an iconic major event. OnePlan was used to outline the Host City proposed concept across several venues. The information and plans were incorporated into the strategic briefing and venue hosting requirements.

Pete Dalton says “My experience in protective security and as a security consultant has led me to require a real-time mapping software that can be easily updated, is feature-heavy and can be instantly shared with venue clients and partners. OnePlan provides all that and more, giving me efficiency in operational and security planning.”

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