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Event Plans of the Month – May

Event Plans of the Month

This month’s event plans of the month include a wide range of different types of events, such as a Motorshow, Triathlon and a Pride event!

Masters of Motoring 2023

Masters of Motoring is a new prestige event being held for the first time this year! The plan needed to be very detailed and identify the different zones of the show, the number of cars to fit in parking areas, and identify safety points and water features.

“OnePlan is luckily easy-to-use and logical. It’s packed with different features and colour options for zones, icons and details that help make the event planning that bit easier.  Giving this information to the ESAG and the venue just makes everyone more confident in the planning and execution of a successful event.”

We particularly love the use of the car parking areas in this event plan which intelligently calculates the capacity of each area, immensely helping this event planner!

2023 USA Triathlon Nationals & PTO US Open

USA Triathlon Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, host to the 2023 PTO US Open, is one of the largest triathlons in the world, attracting over 7,000 age group and elite triathletes over a 3-day event.

“OnePlan is an incredible tool that helps us streamline the venue planning process for our largest events. OnePlan allows us to coordinate the most intimate of details in our venue so we may efficiently plan a safe and memorable event. Having the ability to edit maps concurrently amongst our team, sharing maps externally, and downloading reports of all the equipment in the map has become crucial to our planning process.”

This event plan is an incredible example of how our route planning tools have aided in such a large and complex event! 

Riverbend Music Festival

Riverbend Festival began in June of 1982 as a five-night festival in Chattanooga, Tennessee as a way to come together downtown to celebrate the community.

This event plan is a great example of how the area mapping tool can easily segment the different areas of your event which you can quickly and easily label! Our intelligent tools instantly calculate area capacity saving you time and ensuring safe crowd control.

Chichester Cheese & Chilli Festival

The Cheese and Chilli Festival runs four food events every year, with up to 9,000 people attending, requiring accurate event planning. 

They said “OnePlan is easy to learn and use, delivers professional-looking plans and gives me advanced tools for event management. Now I’m confident of the professional look of my site plans and I have the details and data to answer any question.”

This is a great example of how OnePlan’s precise mapping tools have made this event planner’s life a lot easier! We love how the area mapping tool has been used to map out crowd areas as attendees navigate through the festival ensuring safe crowd control across the event site.

Northern Nevada Pride

Northern Nevada Pride have a Festival in conjunction with their Parade. OnePlan’s intelligent tools provided them with the exact amount of fencing needed for their Pride event which they were able to easily pass onto a vendor, enabling them to share and collaborate with the team directly on the event plan where they were able to see everyone else’s cursors.

They said “Our city special events person really, really liked it because we were able to just share the link with her, and then when we make updates to the map, she has updates to the map in real time.”

We loved the precise mapping of crowd barriers across this event plan to ensure attendees are kept safe throughout the celebrations!

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