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Event Plans of the Month – February

Event Plans of the Month - Feb

This is the first in our new series ‘Event Plans of the Month’ where we showcase some of the impressive event plans our users have recently created!

This month’s great event plans include a Charity Truck Show, a 45th Annual Festival, a complex Running event, a Pride event and Stage 6 of the Tour of Britain.

The Great North West Switas Truck Show

This event plan has been designed for a charity event that raises money for local charities. We particularly love the precise planning that went into the mapping of their Trucks, which have been laid out so accurately and neatly across their site! 

OnePlan’s multi-drop feature allows you to quickly place a large number of objects onto your event plan, speeding up the time taken to map out your site!

45th Spearfish Festival in the Park

The Festival in the Park is one of the largest outdoor summer arts and music festivals in the upper Midwest. We are loving this event planner’s dedication to adding over 220 vendor tents onto their map whilst adding info for each one as they get sold over the months! Impressive work!

They said “OnePlan has been a game changer for this year! I wanted to bring a fresh take this festival, with a new map, new merch, etc. OnePlan has allowed me to experiment and be creative and it is super user friendly. I believe that the vendor will also like being able to see their tent in the actual park and any changes in real time. The staff and developers at OnePlan have put together an amazing event planner software and I can’t praise them enough for their amazing work!”

Stevens Point – Festival Foods Event Plan

OnePlan was really put to the test this past year when the Festival Foods team took on an additional race. “Stevens Point was a brand new one this year, so One Plan was extremely helpful in getting everything set up there,” said Brian. The team was able to share their site map with the local race director to align on all of the race details.

The team is saving both time and money with OnePlan, and they plan to keep using the program for future Turkey Trots.

This event plan showcases how easy it is to precisely map out your running routes, and our intelligent tools allow you to know the exact length and duration of each, centralising all your planning.

Taunton Live and Pride Event Plan

Taunton Live and Pride is an annual Pride celebration based in Vivary Park, hosting up to 5,000 attendees. From spectacular visual & performing arts, multiple music stages, creative workshops to a fantastic Pride Parade, planning this event is a substantial undertaking.

“The time saving compared to the way I used to develop a site map is huge. OnePlan is so much more streamlined and saves me a considerable amount of time, especially when the organisation wants certain areas editing.” – Phil Morgan

We were impressed by the mapping out of the different areas in this event plan, ensuring all areas of the event site were accounted for. Using OnePlan’s intelligent calculators, you are able to see the different area capacities to ensure safe crowd control.

Tour of Britain - Stage 6

Using OnePlan, Rob and his team not only saved costs but have cut their site visits and travelling in half, which could take seven hours round-trip by car for just one of the seven stages. 

Additionally, where Rob once spent three days on drawings for each stage before incorporating edits, he has refined the process to a day and a half, saving himself almost 300 hours in the process.

We love the precise labelling of different areas in their event plan, to ensure all stakeholders know where they need to be on the day!

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