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The 205% rise in event planning in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand Event Plan

As events return in Australasia, we can share new OnePlan insights about the growth in Australia and New Zealand event planning – including a 205% quarterly rise in events planned in the region on OnePlan

The data below gives confidence to planners in other regions that once restrictions are eased, the events industry will be able to bounce back at pace. Following the four-month lockdown in Australia from June to October 2020, the region is now staging major summer events including the Australian Open, the Australia Road Race Championships, plus music festivals in cities including Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra.

A New Trend in Event Planning

In October – December 2020, we witnessed a 205% increase on the previous three months in how many events were created on OnePlan. In the first month of 2021, we’ve seen a related growth in the total number of items placed, with 245% more items placed in January than December. These items include barriers, fences, tents, vehicles, dots and more. 

It’s a clear sign that the events industry is starting to bounce back in Australia and New Zealand.

A Huge Rise in Event Infrastructure

The allocation of Infrastructure items has seen a huge recent growth. With both indoor and outdoor events being planned, January 2021 saw a 477% increase in event infrastructure plotted.

This marries up to the increase in Infrastructure placement on OnePlan at the end of last year, with over 4x more items placed in Q4 2020 than Q3.  

More Routes for Safer Events

With restrictions eased, safety and crowd management have now become paramount to event planners. We saw an 821% quarterly rise in routes plotted, both in walking routes and one-way flows to ensure the safe movement of event goers.

Careful planning of Routes can ensure social distancing and safe crowd movement. In January, 5,245 metres of routes were defined on OnePlan – by far the greatest distance we’ve seen in the region for a single month. 

A Special Year for Events

After the challenges of 2020, the Events industry is hoping and planning for a big 2021. This recent Sydney Morning Herald article highlights the special year ahead, and the recent announcements from SummerSalt about its music concerts across Australia and New Zealand in the weeks and months ahead, along with Laneway ‘working hard behind the scenes to bring you something special later in 2021‘, are positive signs that events will find their feet in the year ahead. 

Our insights support this, as this graphic below of our January 2021 Australia and New Zealand event planning data shows. We’ll continue to share them with you throughout the year – on TwitterLinkedIn and here on our blog.

To plan your next safe and successful events on OnePlan, sign up for free today.

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