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2 minutes read Arena Partners with OnePlan for Event Production and Guest Experience

CryptoCom Arena and OnePlan on laptop

We’re excited to announce that OnePlan is partnering with the Arena in downtown Los Angeles. The iconic venue, home to the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, NHL’s LA Kings, WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks and the annual GRAMMY Awards, hosts over 230 events annually, attracting a whopping four million visitors each year.

As part of this innovative partnership, Arena will be using our pioneering GIS mapping and digital twin software, creating a hyperrealistic 3D digital twin of the venue. This technology has already proven its worth in numerous other venues globally, such as the soon to be opened Intuit Dome, and at Silverstone, the home of the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, where the venue team has already achieved a 13x return on investment.

The introduction of our VenueTwin technology will empower the Arena production team to rapidly customize the venue for every event, streamline collaborations with tenants, promoters, and stakeholders, and enhance guest safety by accurately planning the placement of security resources.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with OnePlan and implement their technology into our day-to-day workflow,” said Arena President Lee Zeidman.

“Our team is looking forward to utilizing OnePlan from production to guest services and security, to booking and marketing and operations, allowing us to be more efficient and provide our tenants, promoters and future events with a new level of world class service that we pride ourselves on.”

“We’ll be able to rapidly customize the arena for every event we host,” Lee added. 

Prior to OnePlan Arena’s operators used CAD and floor plan files of the arena and worked with promoters to adjust as load-ins for shows began. “This will take that out of the mix because we’ll be able to do it ahead of time,” said Zeidman, which will save time and money, especially important at Arena, which is a union venue. 

Digital Twin Technology for Major Arenas

Guest safety is every venue’s top priority.  OnePlan’s 2D and 3D platform will allow the Arena security team the ability to precisely plan the positioning of security staff and technology across the property. The platform will function as a single source of truth for event organizers, giving additional insight of what is needed and where, aiding the precise positioning of security resources.

While the security and planning benefits are substantial, VenueTwins’ power doesn’t stop there. It also presents unique opportunities for booking and marketing departments, allowing them to visualize and customize the arena for future events with striking detail.

Paul Foster, OnePlan Founder and CEO, is excited about the new partnership: “We’re delighted to be working with one of the world’s most iconic venues that hosts over 230 events per year.

“It’s further evidence of how OnePlan can provide major time- and cost-saving efficiencies for venues of any size, as well as helping to bring in further commercial partners by using it as a sales and marketing tool.”

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