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Planning international corporate events in OnePlan

Corporate Event being planned in OnePlan

It’s OnePlan’s 5th birthday and the team met up to celebrate in the city of rich culture, art, and beautiful architecture, Barcelona! The week consisted of engaging workshops and presentations in preparation for our 2024 initiatives, as well as the chance to catch up with colleagues from across the world.

With the help of OnePlan’s mapping platform, we were able to efficiently plan out our visit to Barcelona, enabling seamless collaboration within the entire team. We accurately marked key locations, from the hotel to our meeting spaces, as well as restaurant reservations and other off-site activities, ensuring everyone had clear directions and knew what to anticipate! This served as a great example of how OnePlan can be used to plan national and international corporate events.

Custom Folders for itinerary breakdown

Through the use of OnePlan’s custom folder feature, we organised the trip into distinct folders, breaking down its various aspects and facilitating easy navigation throughout the event plan.

OnePlan’s custom folders come with label and lock features, allowing you to hide or show grouped objects. This feature proved handy for our event plan, as the team could either view the plan with objects for each day separately or see the entire event plan at once. 

Each folder can also have multiple sub-folders, providing numerous use cases for any type of plan. We found this provided a fantastic means for the team to check out flight destinations from fellow team members. We created multiple folders displaying the diverse flight destinations for the team, along with a breakdown of who is flying from where! This served as an excellent opportunity for team members to connect with colleagues flying from the same airport and for sharing transport to and from the airports.

OnePlan Custom Folders Menu Bar

The event map also featured a number of pedestrian routes, plotted to display various paths to different activities across Barcelona, and with the help of OnePlan’s intelligent tools these routes also provided an indication of the time it would take to reach each destination. This was particularly helpful in assisting the team to plan ahead and decide on the most suitable footwear for the journey.

Image Pins for visual planning

Image Pins are a great way to pinpoint locations and provide visual information across your map to any stakeholders viewing your plan. 

For OnePlan’s Barcelona event plan, we utilised this feature to assist the team in locating specific aspects of the trip, such as the hotel and various sightseeing points. Through edit-sharing the plan, team members were also able to add their own image pins throughout the journey, transforming the event map into a visual diary!

OnePlan Team Workshop in Barcelona

Another valuable feature that proved useful in planning this corporate event was the Note object. This helped to offer additional information about popular sightseeing locations, including URL links to articles or brief sentences about the spots, aiding the team in effectively planning for the free hours throughout the week.

Are you planning a corporate event for your team? Sign up for free today and start planning your city activities to ensure a smooth and enjoyable company meet-up!

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