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Building Better Events – Insights from our April Data

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Our April 2021 data shows a significant increase in event planning activity across the globe. As many countries ease covid restrictions, organisers are designing their events with new methods and processes – with notable increases in Infrastructure and Parking planned for events. 

A rise in Infrastructure to cover outdoor areas

Event organisers are building different looking event sites compared to pre-covid events, with additional space given to entrance areas and for social distancing. Last month saw our global event planners have a 140% increase in Total Items used compared to March. The increase was particularly noticeable in USA and Canada, with April being the busiest month this year for event creators on OnePlan.

In the UK, the number of Infrastructure placed on OnePlan more than doubled in April. This reflects the re-opening of events, as the UK runs its test program to prepare for the return of events. Increased infrastructure, such as tents and gazebos, reflects the importance of carefully utilising outdoor space. Tents and gazebos allow for covered outdoor areas, free from any indoor restrictions that are currently in place for UK events.

More Drive-in events and a 249% rise in Parking tools

Drive-in events are increasing in popularity as venues find new ways to host events. We’re seeing a number of OnePlan customers plan for drive-in events, such as drive-in movies and drive-in concerts, which is reflected in the significant growth our April data shows in parking and vehicle planning.

As outdoor drive-in events grow in popularity, we’ve seen a 249% monthly increase in the plotting of parking, with almost 120km mapped out to accommodate cars at events around the world.  This rise in parking tools also indicates event organisers’ preparation for instances where there may be issues with vaccine passports and covid-checks, allowing for the redirection of cars without interruption. See more in our 5 Ways to Plan Covid-Safe Events blog post.

Alongside this, our April data shows a 153% increase in placing and managing Staff. This Dot Planning caters for a smooth attendee experience at festival entrance areas, and throughout the whole event. 

More barriers and fencing planned for safe festivals and outdoor events

Our April data also saw a 174% month-on-month increase in barriers and fencing placed by our global users, with 124km of these items placed on event plans. From outdoor music or food festivals, to sports and road events, these outdoor events are being planned with attendee safety in mind. 

Barriers and fencing are being used in re-designed entrance and exit areas, to enable effective social distancing and covid checks. This increase also helps event-goers navigate around the event site aligned to social distancing regulations, giving event producers confidence that safety can be maintained throughout the event.

This is a fundamentally positive trend for our worldwide industry to get back on its feet. Being able to ensure crowd safety in large numbers has always been key to event planning, and now more than ever it’s a core requirement in staging successful events. 

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