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How to Plan and Design your Flower Festival with OnePlan for free

Map and Plan your Flower Festival accurately in OnePlan! Collaborate with your colleagues and partners to create an event your attendees will love.

Plan a safe and successful Flower Festival for your attendees.

OnePlan is a free, easy-to-use platform to plan a Flower Festival. It combines the best characteristics of CAD with up-to-date mapping technology. Choose from high definition satellite and aerial maps, and select from hundreds of Flower Festival objects.

Share your plan with anyone including colleagues, partners, security services and suppliers. Take the stress out of planning and design a Flower Festival that your attendees will love.

How to design a Flower Festival


Add event details

Open OnePlan, and add the name and location of your Flower Festival.  


Draw out your areas

In the Areas & Routes menu, select any Area type and draw it out on the map. You’ll instantly see the space and capacity of your Flower Festival site.


Add objects

OnePlan’s ‘drag and drop’ tool lets you place items on your map easily. Select from hundreds of items for your Flower Festival including infrastructure, vehicles, crowd management, measuring tools and more. 


Share your plan

Simply click ‘Share’ to provide view-only or edit access to anyone you want. Your colleagues, partners, suppliers and any stakeholder you invite will receive an email to access your Flower Festival plan in OnePlan.


Real-time event reports

As you plan your Flower Festival, go to your dashboard reports in OnePlan to view your inventory and send a Bill of Quantities to your suppliers.

Created by event professionals

Our team of experienced event organizers have thought of everything your Flower Festival needs to be a success. Easily position any item on your event plan with pinpoint accuracy and move it as you wish.

Free access to a professional solution

In OnePlan it’s totally free to plan your Flower Festival and you have access to professional quality tools covering everything you need. This includes the latest maps, hundreds of items to choose from, arrival and exit calculators, traffic management tools, placing workforce and so much more.

Powerful event intelligence

Access your Flower Festival’s dashboard in OnePlan and view real-time information of everything to do with your event plan. In one click download a Bill of Quantities about your Flower Festival that you can send to suppliers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flower Festival plans include:

  • A secured venue for your festival
  • Your festival’s Vendors
  • The date, time and location
  • Ticket information
  • If you plan to have live music at you festival, ensure you have your music artists secured

The Flower Festival was created primarily to honour the growing floral industry in Colombia. However, the flowers themselves are seen as a tribute to women, fertility, and life itself.

Taking action is the most important step for promoting your Flower Festival. Make it easy to book tickets, create artwork for your festival, distribute flyers, be active and consistent on social media.

“We love OnePlan! It has helped us to identify a completely different way to use our site and the most efficient way to get full capacity."

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