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Streamlining Triathlon Event Planning: USA Triathlon’s Integration of OnePlan

How USA Triathlon revolutionized their event planning and execution processes by integrating OnePlan, achieving efficiency and collaboration across their nationwide events.
USA Triathlon webinar

USA Triathlon has effectively integrated OnePlan, a leading web-based event planning platform, into its event management processes. OnePlan’s collaborative and user-friendly features have facilitated the planning of triathlon events, enhancing operational efficiency and stakeholder engagement.

OnePlan Enterprise Customer Success Manager Pat Donnelly chatted with Brad Hildebrandt, Events and Program Manager, and Margie Gronke, Events Coordinator, about their experience using OnePlan and how it’s changed planning. 

Operational Efficiency and Planning Process

USA Triathlon utilizes OnePlan for various operational aspects, including venue layout, rental procurement, safety measures, and traffic control. OnePlan’s detailed mapping capabilities allow for precise placement and scaling of infrastructure, ensuring accurate planning. The use of features such as the GPX route importer and being able to color-code your routes has streamlined the planning of complex triathlon courses.

“It’s great that I have a full list of everything and where I want it and the quantities needed. I have an actual number of what I’m anticipating – so that saved me time and it saved us money,” said Margie

Integration and Learning Curve

The transition to OnePlan was smooth, with USA Triathlon team members finding the platform user-friendly and intuitive.

“I’m 59 and didn’t grow up in the tech generation, so for me to figure out some of this stuff, that tells us it’s pretty user-friendly,” said Brad.

 OnePlan’s extensive icon library and the ability to import and manipulate data have simplified the planning process. OnePlan’s responsive support team and the ability to explore and test features independently have further eased the learning curve.

Collaboration and Sharing

OnePlan has enhanced collaboration with vendors, contractors, and municipalities by providing detailed, shareable event plans. The sharing features, including view-only access and exportable links, have enabled efficient communication and coordination, reducing the need for physical site visits and adjustments. 

“Instead of sending someone screenshots of this is where I want it, and then trying to piece it together for them, I was able to give them the view-only access and they’re able to go in and zoom in and see exactly where everything’s supposed to be placed,” said Margie.

Benefits and Return on Investment

The accuracy and detail of OnePlan’s mapping have resulted in significant time savings and resource optimization for USA Triathlon. The platform has enabled precise ordering of materials, minimized on-site adjustments, and facilitated the creation of public-facing maps. These efficiencies have contributed to a positive return on investment, enhancing the overall event experience for participants and stakeholders.

Looking ahead

USA Triathlon’s use of OnePlan is expected to evolve, expanding into areas such as expo planning and indoor event spaces. This successful integration of OnePlan serves as a model for other event organizers seeking to enhance their planning processes through technology.

By leveraging OnePlan’s capabilities, USA Triathlon has achieved operational excellence, setting a benchmark for efficiency, collaboration, and participant engagement in the planning and execution of triathlon events.

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