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Sail GP customised version of OnePlan, with CAD integration

The global Yacht Racing championship uses OnePlan for its unique water-based events, reducing its reliance on external CAD design support by 80%

Reduction in external CAD designer requirements

The Global Yacht racing championship, Sail GP, uses a bespoke version of OnePlan’s GIS mapping platform, integrating existing CAD base plans with the wide selection of maps available in our Canvas menu.

Sail GP has unique event planning requirements due to the yacht racing infrastructure and
the diverse locations where the events take place. OnePlan and Sail GP partnered to conduct detailed analysis of the existing planning process and requirements of their key stakeholders in order to create a customised version perfectly suited to the Sail GP needs. Now able to plan operations collaboratively with one single source of truth platform, it means Sail GP no longer needs the legacy of multiple tools it’s previously used including CAD, powerpoint, excel and google earth.

The Sail GP customised menu in OnePlan features new icons, tools and functionality suited for international yacht event planning. Previously changes needed to be submitted to a CAD designer which delayed and frustrated the planners. Importantly, access permissions to edit the plan is centrally managed with a comprehensive change log for security and control.

By using CAD only as a base layer for fixed infrastructure within OnePlan, Sail GP has been able to reduce external CAD designer requirements by 80% making a significant cost saving.

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