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Behind the Plan of an 80% time saving with Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

See how the organising committee of Paris 2024 is saving 80% time compared to its previous planning methods, thanks to OnePlan

Venues planned with OnePlan


Time saving


Business units

Our team is working in partnership with Paris 2024 to deliver planning efficiencies and cost savings for the next Olympic and Paralympic Games. OnePlan is empowering the venue and event planning needs of at least 46 Functional Areas, or departments, within the organizing committee.
In this article, we go ‘Behind the Plan’ to see how our GiS Mapping and Digital Twin software is empowering the Paris 2024 team and stakeholders to plan the next Olympic and Paralympic Games in the most efficient way possible.
In this short video, hear directly from the team at Paris 2024 on how OnePlan benefits their planning of 49 venues:

Greater collaboration among the Functional Areas

Alain Nguyen, Head of Games IS at Paris 2024, says: “What’s really impressive about OnePlan is that all the business units are working together in a collaborative manner. Business units that are in charge of accreditation, transport, logistics, and even measuring the carbon footprint through our sustainable development strategies.” 

“It allows our 46 business units to work together efficiently and almost in real-time.”

The three key benefits resulting in 80% time saving

The Technology team sees three primary user benefits in OnePlan’s GIS mapping and digital twin software:
  1. for internal teams to visualize the venues to make better planning decisions
  2. for stakeholders to conduct virtual tours of the venues
  3. for the host broadcaster to define their camera positions

Marion Gauffridy, Technological Innovation and Legacy Manager at Paris 2024, says: “Thanks to OnePlan, we’ve found that some departments now take just over an hour to do their planning work, whereas with their previous tools, it used to take them 5 hours to do the same job.”

Paris 2024 get 80% time saving with OnePlan

Alain adds: “It’s a really useful innovation for the Games, enabling us to save costs and address our environmental challenges. This type of tool and methodology that we are implementing will soon become the standard for organizing major events.”

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