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Event Plans of the Month – May


This month we have three plans from France, all showcasing our festival pack. As a bonus, we fly over to Australia with the City of Great Dandenong’s Fun Day!

Moorea Festival (Festival International DJ)

For its first edition, the Moorea Festival has thought big. With a surface area of 10 hectares, the Grillemont domain in Touraine will enable the 6,000 people expected to attend each evening, to enjoy two festival stages, as well as a nightclub area on the campsite open until the end of the night.

This is a unique concept featuring 20 DJs, including Kavinsky and Sound of Legend over two days of festival action that promises to transport festival-goers into an exceptional musical universe. Each artist will bring his or her own world, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience.

One Plan enabled the Kreatio team, the company managing the technical direction of this new event, to carry out all of the plans in one place, calculate parking and camping areas, calculate the possible gauges in front of each stage, and the overall festival and to draw and calculate the lengths of barriers and electrical cables.

Fête de la Musique 2024 - Student Competition

We recently held a training session for French university students and ran a competition to create event plans for the upcoming Fête de la Musique on June 21 across France. Congratulations to our two winners, Justine and Hervé, for their impressive event plans! 

The judges said of the winning entries: “In one, we can immediately recognise a Fête de la Musique event with different stages, bars, parking across the city. The planner also arranged her folders to have a more organised view of her placed objects. And for the other, it’s all about gathering people in a great location to enjoy the sound of music!

Winner, Justine's Event Plan:

When speaking about her event plan, Justine said “The most important aspect for me in this plan was to create a pedestrian zone specifically for the event, to ensure everyone’s safety but also to allow as many music groups as possible to practise their art, catering to all tastes and ages.”

Justine added “This platform is really easy to use, very intuitive, and very comprehensive. Even with limited access, it was perfectly suited for beginners. I sincerely hope that OnePlan will continue to develop, as it’s a great tool that should be accessible to all organizations responsible for organizing events, whether they are sports-related or cultural”.

Winner, Hervé's Event Plan:

Joint winner, Hervé stated that security was at the forefront of his event plan saying “Most of the positioned elements remained imperative to security needs and essentials allowing the public to stay within the event premises for a sufficient amount of time – such as toilets, water points, food services, etc.”

However, he also states the importance of attendee experience “What is most important to me is to work towards enhancing the participants’ experience: from the entrance to the stage, there is a crescendo effect in terms of exploiting the site’s assets”.

Each plan showcases the ease and seamlessness of planning in OnePlan, once again congratulations to you both!

City of Greater Dandenong- Noble Park Community Fun Day 2024

Finally, we have the City of Greater Dandenong, who we have also just released a case study with (Check it out here). The Festivals and Events team organises a variety of events, from the Keysborough Big Picnic, attracting roughly 7,500 attendees, to the grand Springvale Snow Fest, which draws in as many as 33,000 participants. The range of events is diverse, including award ceremonies, movie screenings, and festive celebrations like Christmas Carols and New Year’s Eve fireworks.

In the event plan image above you can see the plan for ‘Noble Park Community Fun Day 2024’. This is a great example of planning out road closures, evacuation routes and the use borderless areas. With the areas clearly showing the existing infrastructure in the park.

The City of Greater Dandenong recognized that traditional event planning methods were becoming obsolete in our digital world and were looking for an innovative way to plan their events. OnePlan transformed the way the Dandenong City Council planned and executed its events. 

“We’ve used OnePlan for the past year, and it has been really beneficial,” said Patrick. “One great tool we’ve used is zoning off areas, since these maps go to all our contractors, and stallholders, and even a version of the map goes out to the public”.

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