How to plan any type of event

Whether you’re running a small, medium or large event in any sector, OnePlan is the best event planning tool to plan your event site. 

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For hundreds, thousands or millions of spectators

OnePlan allows you to create accurate event plans in any location, be it an outdoor event such as a road event, cycle race or marathon, or an indoor stadium or arena for sports and entertainment. It’s ideal for town and city events  with multiple venues that people visit. OnePlan scales to whatever size and complexity of event you need to deliver.

Smarter planning for any event in any industry

Your event may be a food and drink festival, local government organised town or city event, a health and wellbeing festival, major business conference or any other type, and you know it needs accurate planning. With OnePlan’s event planning tool you can accurately position your staff, security and volunteers, as well as procure any asset you need directly with the supplier.

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Just one plan with multiple benefits

OnePlan brings different functions into just one platform, for smarter event planning. It combines the ease of PowerPoint, with the functionality of AutoCAD and the mapping capability of Google Earth – all in one system and in real-time.

OnePlan Christmas Markets

Planning a festive event? Oue unique solution for Christmas Markets has 45 new objects from chalets to Christmas trees, bratwurst stands and more. 

OnePlan Fairs & Shows

Currently using screenshots in Powerpoint, or designing your event site on the back of a napkin? Switch to our low-cost, easy to use solution so you can plan like a pro.