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Plan Anything on a Map

The smarter way to plan your site

Whatever site or venue you need to plan, OnePlan’s free and professional software gives you an easy-to-use solution, featuring hundreds of objects to design with. 

OnePlan combines the ease of PowerPoint, with the functionality of AutoCAD, and the mapping capability of Google Earth - all in one real-time system.

Intelligent automated software

Instantly see area space and capacity

Simply draw out your event areas and OnePlan tells you the measurements. Plan to scale, select meters or feet, and easily change the sizes of objects you place. 

Our Core Features

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One dashboard. Multiple event planning and management tools to plan your event site. 

Real-time Reports

Dashboards instantly update with your site plan information

Students submit site plans and presentations for assessment just as they would in a professional environment. Replicate real world tasks in the classroom. For those looking at a career in events planning or events management, there is no better learning tool.


Map and plan your site together, with any stakeholders

Easily give edit or view-only access to colleagues, partners, suppliers, vendors, security, local authorities and any stakeholder. Plan your site efficiently, saving you and your team time.  

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funfair event

For hundreds, thousands or millions of spectators

OnePlan allows you to create accurate event plans in any location, be it an outdoor event such as a road event, cycle race or marathon, or an indoor stadium or arena for sports and entertainment. It’s ideal for town and city events  with multiple venues that people visit. OnePlan scales to whatever size and complexity of event you need to deliver.

What location do you need to plan?

Plan your site to scale with our automated intelligent software, for whatever venue you’re organizing. 

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